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Tag: Bristol

have you been to Wapping Wharf yet?

I’m pretty sure everybody knows of Wapping Wharf by now. But, if you don’t, it’s our brand new harbourside development of stylish apartments and fantastic new bars, restaurants and shops. Rapidly becoming my second home #wappingwharf #igersfood #bristol247 #igersbristol #cargo #foodanddrink A post shared by Emma (@yousayagency) on Nov 15,…


Five cool places visit in Bristol if you use a sling or carrier

I used to love using a sling for Tibbs, although we never progressed further than the standard Baby Bjorn. I sometimes wish I’d got more into baby/toddler wearing, I love folding her little body into my squishy bits and cuddling her tight. Only using a buggy for nap walks is…