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Category: Toddlers

preschool milestones | according to preschoolers

Us parents collect milestones like Pokemon cards, pocketing each memory gratefully. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what Tibbs would see as her preschool milestones. Predictably, I don’t think there’d be many similarities with those of her mushy mother. Here’s a list of what I think she might be thinking…. The…


five days with a preschooler in Bristol | what to do (part 1)

There are roughly two types of preschooler – those who still nap, and those who don’t. Therefore, these days are split into mornings and afternoons, in case you need that bit for a nap. This is part 1 of five days’ worth of ideas for entertaining preschoolers and toddlers in…

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Beautiful you

I could watch you all day. Just being beautiful you. I prefer watching you when you don’t know I’m there. Especially when I come to get you from nursery, or when we are at choir and you’re trying to join in with your friends as they play. We’ve been doing…