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Category: Style and interiors

Pre-baby house makeover list | top three things to work on

Usually, I hate generalisations and unoriginality, especially when it comes to our behaviour. I actively shy away from speaking about things I’m feeling or doing, for the fear of being predictable. Nesting during pregnancy, however – I can’t get away from it! I’m only really half-way through, and there’s already…


what I’ve learned from buying a house in Bristol | part one

We’re moving next week, which I can’t quite get my head around. In four days time, this house won’t be ours anymore. It’s been the best two years I could have wished for, living here. We’ve made it a home we truly love (the house, and the city). But, what…


Nomads Clothing – an organic, fair trade, gorgeous Autumn wardrobe

Last week I went along to the ever brilliant Harts Bakery for an evening with Nomads Clothing. Nomads make ‘everyday special pieces to wear’. Think block-printed, hand-loom woven, soft organic cotton, made using traditional skills in fair-trade, ethically run Indian factories. Think warm, peaceful colour schemes that make you feel…


What are you, sofa?

We’ve got two ace sofas. I’m particularly in love with our terracotta one. It’s smaller than the other, and has a ‘me-shaped’ nook on ‘my side’ where I sit, crumpled, usually with diminished room to manoeuvre due to a labrador’s lolling. I’m way too uncool to have ‘wine o’clock’ cravings.…