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Category: product reviews

Keeping that drawing forever – lukedrewthis children’s artwork gifts (with giveaway!)

I’m a sentimental sort and I have a small stack of crinkly, stiff sheets of paper, which to the casual observer, are the paintings of a small child. To me, they’re all memories. The first time she held a crayon. The first handprint drawing. The first tissue paper flower. I’d…


How to bathe a puppy

The time arrived this week for our puppy’s first bath. We’d been told to wait a couple of weeks after his arrival at the house to make sure he was comfortable around us, and with all the smells here. Little did he seem to care, he was the main smell!…


Easy holidays from Bristol

It’s absolutely pouring down outside and Tibbs has chickenpox, so we’re stuck indoors with CBeebies and a lot of anti-itching lotion. Naturally, my wandering mind has turned to holidays and sunnier times. We’re so lucky to live in Bristol, because it puts such a huge amount of wonderful holiday locations…