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Category: Play

Toddler swimming with Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath

source In a rare appearance, Tibbs’ Dad writes today about his recent experiences of his favourite father daughter activity of late, swimming classes! This Spring, we were invited by Puddle Ducks Bristol and Bath to join six weeks of swimming lessons. I’m the confident swimmer in the household, so every Saturday, me…

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Things to do in Bristol when it’s too hot! In the same way as rain can spoil play, too much sunshine is also something that’s hard to manage, especially with pre-schoolers. I won’t got into the annoyances of the constant sun creaming and the hat situation, there are plenty of other blog posts (here’s the ever funny Mother’s Always…


The thank you card

Giving is better than receiving – correct. This is such nationally adopted second nature that John Lewis made it into a Christmas ad. But what about saying thank you? I’m a serial over thanker. I write thank you notes and cards for presents and other kind things that happen to me.…