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Category: night feeds

breastfeeding a newborn | hopes for our second baby

Hopefully, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I don’t care how you feed your children. It’s a totally personal journey, and each method has its benefits and drawbacks. All I hope for is that nobody feels pressured into feeding their baby in a way that isn’t totally comfortable…

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baby won’t take a bottle | what help is really out there?

Before I write the rest of this, please can I make it clear that this is not, absolutely not, an invitation for a debate on the best way to feed your baby. For the record, I breastfed my daughter for seven months, topping up with a bottle of expressed milk…

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The witching hour – evening crying for newborns – advice from other parents

Inspired by a conversation with a friend who has a seven week old son, I recently asked some of the people who regularly read this blog if they had experienced ‘the witching hour’ with their newborn or small babies. By the witching hour, I mean the sudden, unexplained appearance of…