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Category: Maternity

Never shut the back door – why saying goodbye to the pre-motherhood you is a bad idea

Inspired by this piece from The Telegraph this week, I’ve been having more than a moment’s thought for the pre-mother in me. My favourite bit says, Motherhood is hard because there is an assumption that it will instantly take away all your demons and make an honest woman out of…


The little things

Today is a very important day for me. It’s more to do with the little thing on the left, here in the picture, than the beautiful thing on the right. Today is the day I get to lend some of my baby’s tiny newborn clothes to a close friend, for…


On SPD, problems in pregnancy, and becoming a mother | Pregnancy Health | TalkMum

Next up on Motherhood Month is a post from our pregnant TalkMum blogger Eleanor. With only three weeks to go until her due date, here she discusses her thoughts on becoming a mum, and how she’s dealt with problems in her pregnancy. via On SPD, problems in pregnancy, and becoming…