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Category: Birth

our second baby’s birth story | elective c section

Flinders is three weeks old tomorrow and is fitting into the family so well. I thought it was time we shared our second baby’s birth story. We always knew that Flinders would arrive by elective c section. Tibby’s birth wasn’t unusual, but it was gruelling and difficult both psychologically and…


Brian Blessed, and more people I don’t want to see during childbirth

                  Whether it’s true or not, the news that roaring man-bear Brian Blessed loomed out of the undergrowth, shouted until a poor woman gave birth in Richmond park, bit through the cord, licked the baby’s face and casually massaged out the afterbirth…


Never shut the back door – why saying goodbye to the pre-motherhood you is a bad idea

Inspired by this piece from The Telegraph this week, I’ve been having more than a moment’s thought for the pre-mother in me. My favourite bit says, Motherhood is hard because there is an assumption that it will instantly take away all your demons and make an honest woman out of…