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Hello, I’m Eleanor, a mother of two, writer, blogger and, big fan of Bristol. I live with my husband, two kids and our dog just south of the city. My daughter is coming up to four years old, and my son was born in October 2016.

Welcome to the Bristol Parent – a site which I hope will become a great resource for locals and visitors to Bristol and the South West of England who are always looking for a new answer to the question “what shall we do today?”.

On The Bristol Parent you’ll find reviews of places to go, adventure, eat and explore. I also write about travel and adventure – mostly with kids, sometimes without.

I love the outdoors, walking mostly, gardens and woods in particular. I’m a huge advocate for any sort of reading whether it be to or for kids, or for me. I love music, coffee, bad jokes, dogs and horses. We are doing up our house, slowly. We also have a hairy pal, a black Labrador called Mack.

I also write for Buzzfeed (some examples here and here), Talkmum (examples here and here). I was recently named one of the top Bristolians to follow on Twitter by Best of Bristol. The Bristol Parent is in the Tots 100 Top 500, and in the top 250 of the KidRated Parent Blogger index.

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  1. Blog’s looking good Eleanor. Look forward to reading more as you get going 🙂

  2. Thanks Mary, get thinking about your guest post!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for this blog and for posting on Bs4Connect. I just moved from London to South Bristol in January with my 8 month old son and I’ve been surprised by A. How terrifying the nursery situation is, B. How many things there are to do and C. How much trickier it is to make friends in a new area than I first thought (when you don’t drive and have bought a crumbling house to do up in your spare (hah!)time.). Good luck with the blog. Will continue to read with interest. Kelly

    • Hi Kelly, thank you very much and nice to meet you virtually. I so know the feeling on all three counts, and the move from London too! Welcome to South Bristol though and thanks again for reading.

  4. Ali Ali

    Thanks so much for your mention of our Positive Planner, very much appreciated and we can’t wait to post it out to you! A x

    • You are welcome! I got excited this morning as I thought it might arrive, but I left before it did. Honestly the thought of a new notebook is way too thrilling.

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