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If there’s a man in your life, or in the parental unit of your family, where does he sit in the stack of Christmas presents you have to buy? It saddens me that my great man, who I love, is now not the recipient of the first gifts in my basket, because, that’s now the kids. He’s not changed, and nor have I, so, why do men in your life become harder to buy presents for, as your relationship develops? Is it because I know him better? I know what things don’t work now (the polo shirt year still stings). It’s certainly not that he deserves less. 

I’ve included some pictures here of our Christmases with kids over the years. My favourite is the one of my husband and my brother in law. That year, those kids were up at about 4.30 and we were absolutely bogging by about 8am. But we still had such a laugh. Our traditions are a walk, a flask of coffee and a sandwich early on Christmas morning, and going to the races on Boxing Day as a family. Not even an eight-week old baby stops that. 

I’ve thought for such a very long time what to buy him, that now time is beginning to run out. There’s a special present which I can’t talk about here as he’ll see it, and then a couple of little spaces in the stocking to fill. But, as we’ve both been inspired to try and be healthier this year, I’ve got him something I think he’ll love, a Fitbit. It’s from Boots, a store I spend probably too much time in. My Dad gave me a Boots voucher when both kids were born, and it was so helpful – anything I needed I could just whip to Boots. I know their baby medicine aisle like the back of my hand! 

Anyway this Fitbit is from the Gifts For Him Boots range. I chose quite a sturdy model, in black, because I know he’ll want to wear it at work. It’s sat patiently under the tree, waiting to spring into action and count his Christmas steps. Boots is just the ideal place for me when it comes to presents, I love the packaged beauty and cosmetics stuff – they make me  feel like they are good choices for presents for teens, teachers and Secret Santa recipients. The Sanctuary gift sets are bliss (it makes me miss the spa itself!) and I love No7 too. 

Do you find it hard to find presents for the men in your life (let’s not forget our own dads, impossible!). Happy Christmas to you, and to them. I hope it’s a great time for all. 

This post was written in conjunction with Boots, but all words are my own. 


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