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your next pizza | A cappella, Wells Rd

This is a collaborative post with GoCompare

There’s nothing like a parental trip down memory lane, is there? Last week, we went to A cappella pizzeria and cafe on Wells Rd in Knowle. It bought back so many very happy memories for us both.

  • It’s where Tibbs had her first pizza. End of story. What a milestone
  • It’s where I went to work, fighting back sniffles, with my laptop, when Tibbs was at settle in sessions at the nursery down the road
  • It’s where I had one of my first nights out with my choir friends, when we first started getting to know each other
  • They do this caramel shortbread. Other than Juliet from Bosh’s cakes, they are my south Bristol favourites.

All deeply embedded good things in my Bristol life. As we fought over the delicious hummus starter (they make it themselves I think, it’s so good), the cafe’s delivery guy came in. The sight of him had us trying to recall how many times, in the two years we lived round the corner, that we ordered for delivery. We reckoned on 40 pizzas in two years, so 20 times. I’m not ashamed – if you’ve ever had their pizzas, you’d be doing the same!

A cappella is beautifully simple, just great, piping hot, freshly topped pizzas and a few other dishes (including a great breakfast selection). The pizzas come out at night, so we arrived at 5pm for an early family tea.

I love the atmosphere. There’s always kids eating with their folks in there. It’s the kind of place that people of all ages meet to talk, over food. It’s not for huge groups, there’s probably only 25 covers, but that’s a good thing. It’s more intimate family dining than maternity leave meet up location.

I had a vegetarian (unfolded) calzone, which had really crunchy peppers and tasty spinach, to the extent it felt like a balanced meal, not a chain-style greasy cheese fest. The kids shared a child’s pizza which was very reasonably priced, and huge enough for three kids I reckon. The bill, with soft drinks and starter, was just over 30 quid. Not too bad for a post school finishing treat for a family of four – 8 quid per head.

However, if you’re dining on a budget, A cappella is one of the restaurants on the GoCompare DINE scheme, which offers a range of discounts in independent restaurants across the country when you purchase a qualifying product (car, home, pet, van or bike insurance) with GoCompare. More information on the scheme can be found here about the GoCompare DINE scheme. A cappella is 25% off with the card, I think.


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