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your next watch: my Warrior Women transformation

I can’t decide if this is the most depressing post I’ve ever written, or the most uplifting. So here goes.

If you’ve seen pictures of me, or we’ve met, or you’ve seen me around, you’ll know I’m quite overweight.

I’m a familiar story. I was quite fit and healthy, and then I had the kids and my eating habits changed for the worse. I’d just started to get fit again after one kid, and immediately got pregnant and stopped. I’m not naturally slim, but I’ve been much, much healthier than I am now. And happier with my appearance.

Lately, it’s become a problem. My confidence has gone. I’ve stopped looking in mirrors. I’ve stopped having my hair done regularly. There’s other indicators too – a recent holiday with other women where I felt, well, the best way to describe it is untidy. Mentally and physically, I felt a different shape. It does hurt, when your daughter says that you look like you’ve still got a baby in your tummy. And I’ve got enough problems at school without being the fat mum in the playground.

If you’re not looking in mirrors because you don’t want to face yourself, it needs addressing, whether it’s mental or physical.

This is how I looked when I met my husband. This was in 2010. And no, he hasn’t always had a giant beard!


And this is me at the gym today.

I’m 5ft 3inches tall. I wear a size 18/20. I can’t face telling you how much I weigh. I want to love myself again.

Over the next 12 weeks I’ll be working with Amy Newton, the lead Warrior at the Warrior Programme, which is a personal training strategy for ANYONE wanting to sort out their attitude to fitness and get stronger and healthier. Amy is training me and lots of other wonderful women to lose weight, increase strength, repair their cores (especially after babies) and change our mindsets on food and fitness, without counting calories or starving.

I’ll be sharing the results with you all regularly, as well as my progress, which, as you can imagine, I’m so nervous about. It’s a big deal for me to put up pictures of me here, you’re used to looking at my lovely children. I’m keeping their delicious faces in my mind as I train, because I want to be better for them.

I’ll also be sharing the details of some of my training sessions so that you can see the sort of thing that’s getting these results. This week, for example, I’ve been doing core toning on a pilates cushion at home, pistol squats and seating rows in the gym, and pelvic floor exercises wherever I bloody want.

Amy is already a positive force in my life. She’s got that vibe, you know? That gentle but incredibly strong way of showing you that you CAN and you WILL. She embraces my filthy language. She’s given me excellent ideas for improving my diet, both in a weekly email, and ad hoc whilst we’re training. Do take a look at the Warrior Women Instagram for more information, and if you fancy an initial conversation with Amy, look here.

Look what I did in my first session! One of my targets is a 70kg version of this! I’ll tell you more about my other targets next week.

The Warrior Programme is based right in the centre of town, at the Pithay building, in the gym there. I’ve met all sorts of women there, it’s so convenient and a great atmosphere.

Anyway, I would LOVE your support in this. I’d love to hear from anybody else who’s embarking on the same kind of thing. I’m happy to answer any questions at all. Next post, I’ll share my proper goals, and some of the changes I’ve made to my diet.





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  1. Louisa Chudley Louisa Chudley

    Eleanor! This is everything. So inspiring, I will absolutely follow this cheering you on. Xxx

    • Thank you SO much! It’s amazing to have cheerleaders!

  2. Good luck Eleanor! This programme looks amazing! I am in exactly the same situation as you and a similar size except I’m wider and shorter (and my cat is blacker ?). Well done on making that first step! All the best! ?? ?‍♀️xxx

    • Claire, thank you! It feels good to be trying something like this, thank you for your well wishes, it means a lot x

  3. Shaz Shaz

    Good luck, an emotional post, it struck a chord with me about myself. I will follow your progress with keenness. Look in the mirror, you are doing good things ?

    • Hi Shaz, thank you. It’s good to do some chord striking, I hope you find some way to progressing in whatever situation you are in.

  4. GK GK

    Thank you for writing such an incredibly honest post. You are an inspiring lady (and one of the loveliest, funniest women I’ve ever met) and for the record I was envious of you on holiday for being able to do you so well- I felt like I had to wear the heels and the make up and you just totally rocked you!! that’s so rare these days! So here’s to you on your journey. Rooting for you!

    • GK, you super human being you! You know me, heels and makeup are a bit of a foreign land, but having friends like you who embrace all those beautiful things is a real pleasure. We had a blast, didn’t we? Thanks for your support!

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