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Your next ponder – sofas; family members or colleagues?

The saying ‘part of the furniture’ applies to people, I think. Mostly colleagues. “You can’t leave, you’re part of the furniture here!’.

I’m currently pondering whether our sofas are my colleagues in life, family members, or, are they just part of my furniture?

All because at least two of the three we have are looking, feeling, and smelling pretty bad. Kids. Dogs. Feet. Weetabix covered vest friction. Yoghurt dipped handprint decoration. Lone dead flies. Chocolate coins. Barbie’s tiny shoes.

Life has been the death of them, these furniture parts.

But they’ve been central to everything that is good in my world. They provided landing pads for the dreaded car to home nap transfer for my daughter. Pillowy soft comfort to sink into after the toughest of days parenting the toughest of small babies. Everything Mack shaped – from the first puppy scramble onto our knees to the warmth of his body against you on the blackest of winter nights watching tv. Nests for long baby feeds. Safe havens for Grandparents to spectate.

I can’t say goodbye to such a loyal colleague. I’d rather help them stick around a bit longer. After all, my last sofa before these had lasted my family over 30 years in various upholstered forms. Plus, surely, aside from gifting them to families who need them, restoring and repairing them is the most sustainable thing to do?

I’ve been checking out South West Upholsteryas I do think this kind of thing would be best done by a local craftsperson. The business was started in a shed, and now covers (no pun intended) everything from boat upholstery to specific brands such as Parker Knoll.

In an ideal world, I’d want a deep, blue green velvet and a burnished gold heavy silk with some pretty fly tasselling on both my faithful friends. But, as you know – kids and dogs, so maybe they will be the third incarnation in 20 years. I might go for some loose covers, which South West Upholstery do. Would make life easier.

I’d love to know if anybody has a sofa older than the one my family had for 30 years (which was late Victorian in frame, so was even older in reality!). I have such good memories of it, it was green heavy cord for ages and smelt familiar – my dad’s fags, feathers and life. I used to sleep on it when I was in my early teens, I couldn’t get to sleep for a while unless I was on it.

I hope our sofas are still providing that level of security for my family for a few years to come. How could I even think of getting rid of them, their job isn’t done yet!

This is a collaborative post, all thoughts by me.


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