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Your next mad weekend: win camping tickets to Valley Fest 2018

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know me and my family LOVE Valley Fest with a passion. We’ve been looking forward to it for ages. Not least because it’s one of the only times in a year, aside from the odd wedding or party, where me and Mr W let our hair (and beard) down together, without the children.

Yes. Yes I am amongst those people, those people who think that festivals are more fun for adults if they don’t have their children with them.

Of course, we take them on the Sunday, and roll about, wincing through our hangovers and enjoying every last bit of the weekend and the buzz and the fun and the bands and the colour.

This year, I’m giving away two adult camping tickets for a weekend at Valley Fest, worth £110.00 each. All you have to do is leave me a comment here saying who you’d take, and the winner will be chosen at random.

You can of course add your children to the weekend for quite a small fee, and if you have adult friends who want to join you, it’s £80.00 per person for the weekend and you can buy day tickets too.

Excitingly, if you live in BS39, 40, or 41, you get a locals discount.

The festival is at Chew Valley Lake, moments from Salt n Malt (if you know where that is then you’re pretty much right there). It’s 3-5th August.

Why should we go to Valley Fest?

Great bands and DJs. Over the years we’ve enjoyed Huey Morgan curating a stage of new music, DJ Yoda, nosebleed Balkan folk, beautiful African beats, and had a full on micro-rave in the Ring O’Bells tent. I can’t wait to see the purpose built barn stage this year, one year there was this kind of Wild West Saloon stage and it was ace!

The setting. Yeah, Bristol has some lovely sunset spots, but Chew Valley Lake has the edge, I think. Add in space to lie around, communal fire pits to sit around, long and low tipi tents and hay bales, and you’ve got ultimate summer lounging, day and night.

So much for kids. Seriously, SO MUCH for kids. Even the bands seem to like the kids. The way it’s set out, you can legit lie down and watch them have fun, rather than chasing after them like a maniac with a Maclaren and a spilling pint of cider.

Tractors. You can even get one to take you from car park to site if you want. See also Hogsnorts Farming Academy, where you can all be farmers for the day.

Some familiar food truck faces, incredible feasts planned (look out for Elly Pear being there, the Midnight Feast, and all sorts of making and baking courses to try) and a lot of very good booze. We enjoyed the rum shack heavily last year, and then watched a scratch cricket match for kids organised by men in gold hot pants.

You can get back to Bristol. No buses, unless you’re up for a pretty long walk to the nearest stop, but, plenty of taxis can be booked. We got ours pretty smoothly last year, booked in advance.

There’s always been a huge eco, organic and compassionate focus, and this year is no different. No cardboard coffee cups has been added to the rules, and no bottled water will be sold, there’ll be taps instead.

You can even have a facial in a field! I think Weleda and it’s lovely therapists are going to be there again. I had one last year and felt like a strange, moist baby-skinned drunk pirate for the rest of the day, it was lush!

Look forward to seeing you, and whoever you bring, at Valley Fest.

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  1. Jo Jo

    Hello, I would love to take my husband, Pete Phillips. He has never been to a festival so I thought one on his doorstep might be a good start!

  2. Amy Amy

    I’d definitely take my other half. We haven’t had a child free weekend in 6 years!

  3. TheresaGee TheresaGee

    I would take my long suffering husband too. It’s our wedding anniversary that weekend and it sounds a great way to celebrate!

  4. Gemma perkins Gemma perkins

    I would take my lovely husband Martin! Fingers crossed!

  5. Naomi Naomi

    We would love to go. Shhhh….don’t tell the kids!

  6. Louise Whitehead Louise Whitehead

    I would take my partner!! Our 15 year anniversary this year and we haven’t had a child free break for 10 of them years!! We are local enough that I could even pop home and have a shower ?

  7. Caroline Hamilton Caroline Hamilton

    Would so love to win so this could be our first family festival!! My husband and daughter would love it, and nice and local to us if we need to deal with any toddler upset!

  8. Tailte Breffni Tailte Breffni

    I’d take my 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old daughters Érin and Niamh and my husband Paul. Both girls have enjoyed Glastonbury in my belly and when born and are seriously lacking in festival action this year! Would be ace to go as a family! Xxx

  9. Hannah Rutt Hannah Rutt

    I’d take my hubbie Dave Rutt, we’ve always fancied going to Valley Fest

  10. Fiona Dumolo Fiona Dumolo

    We’ve heard amazing things about Valley Fest and would love to take our 4 year old to her first festival and she’s a big fan of camping!

  11. Ali Little Ali Little

    I would love to win these tickets as have always wanted to go to this as its local and seems to have a real community vibe .

  12. Jess Haskins Jess Haskins

    Wow, I’d love to go! I haven’t been to a festival since having kids, mainly because of the cost. I would take my lovely friend Cat who has left Bristol for Plymouth. Then we’d get to hang out child free for the weekend & have a proper catch up, leaving the husbands to have some one on one time with their kids!

  13. Jess Haskins Jess Haskins

    Wow, I would love to win this. I haven’t been to a festival since before I had children, mainly because of cost. I would take my good friend Cat, as she has left Bristol for Plymouth. It would be an excellent excuse for a child free catch up. The husbands can have some one on one bonding time with the kids too!

  14. Laura Laura

    I would take my best friend of 30 years as we need some quality time away from the kids and our other halves!

  15. Laura Laura

    I would take my best friend of 30 years to get some quality time away from the kids and our other halves!

  16. Stacey Tudor Stacey Tudor

    Hi, I’d love to take hubby Lee and our two girls, Adelaide & Delta! They’re just the right age to enjoy festivals now!!

  17. Ange Ange

    Woweee, this sounds like something I need in my life! Sounds like a cracking weekend of fun and rum, I’d be taking my wife.

  18. Louise Louise

    I’d take my husband. We loved this festival last year

  19. Stephanie Price Stephanie Price

    I’d take the other half….camped last year & loved it ? Now have 2 kids under 2 so would be appreciative of some grown up time ?

  20. I guess I’d take the old hubs, it’s his last birthday starting with a 3 a few days after and I think he might like getting drunk in a field and having a couple of days off being a proper grown up to celebrate ?

  21. Belle Foot Belle Foot

    I’d take my partner in grime..I mean crime Toby, our darling daughters and Granny for a bit of babysitting!

  22. Giiana Giiana

    Wpuld love to go and take husband – we eefinitely need a day out together as havent in a really long time!

  23. Giuliana Giuliana

    My husband i have t had a day out together a looooong time! This would be ace.

  24. Kirsty Northover Kirsty Northover

    I’d love to take my single mummy friend as she always misses out on this sort of stuff as her friends go with their husbands and kids. I don’t ever go to things like this as my husband hates anything like it, so my son and I miss out too. Winning the tickets would mean my friend and I could take our boys together as I wouldn’t have to worry about spending the money just on something for me instead of all that family! I’ve never been to a festival, so my 3 year old hasn’t either. He loves music, singing and dancing and is desperate to go camping, he’d be in his element!!! My friend and I met when our babies were tiny, found out they were born in the same hospital on the same day and we’ve all been close ever since. Sharing this experience with them would be absolutely amazing!

  25. Fleur Willcox Fleur Willcox

    Me! Would love to go with the other half ? be nice to be doing something other than trying to get 3 little monkeys to sleep in this heat!

  26. FleurDW FleurDW

    Wow yes please! My poor other half must feel like all he does is try to get 3 little monkeys to sleep in the heat! This would be an incredible treat!

  27. Kirsten Kirsten

    An amazing prize. I would bring my children- they would love it.

  28. Nic Pearce Nic Pearce

    If I won tickets I would take my two sons who would absolutely love the music, and my husband of course. It would be a fantastic family event full of food and songs! What more could you want in life!

  29. Laura Hill Laura Hill

    Got to be my mate Jenny. Mums on tour!! About time….

  30. Lucy Lucy

    I’d take the other half and my two littlies ?

  31. I’d love to take my husband and our 2.5 and 4.5yr old, we haven’t been to a festival in years – mainly due to child rearing distractions and lack of money. I’m sure we’d all have a wild time and it would be a great way to celebrate our last Summer together before my eldest starts school!

  32. Louise Neal Louise Neal

    I would love to take my hubby and 3 children. They would rather go to a festival than on a traditional holiday. #FestivalFever

  33. Christina Burke Christina Burke

    I would love to take my husband Stuart Burke for a fun weekend away !

  34. James Cullingford James Cullingford

    Desperate to take my boy (Barnaby) to ValleyFest – already got the neon face paint, just need tickets 😛

  35. Philippa Turner Philippa Turner

    I would love to take my boys. They experienced the Top of the Gorge festival the other weekend now they are keen to experience more.

  36. Mo Morgan Mo Morgan

    T Morgan – he would love this!


    I would love to take my new husband – we got married this summer! And I would be getting extra tickets for my two children, we haven’t been to a festival as a family yet and are desperate to!

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