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Your next good gift: vouchercloud

Recently, I’ve been birthday shopping! My eldest has just turned five. I’ve been looking at spending less time in shops in general, especially now I’ve got two kids, and I’ve been snooping around the Vouchercloud site.

Vouchercloud is an absolute goldmine, especially if you’re stuck for inspiration for gift buying. There’s even a baby and child category, perfect for maternity leave presents or presents for new mothers and fathers. Vouchers let you be you, don’t they? I sometimes worry I’ve bought ‘the wrong voucher’ for people, but this kind of lets you white label your kindness!

I was challenged by Vouchercloud to shop at Tesco direct using one of its vouchers, rather than go straight to the site. EASY. You simply purchase the voucher and input the details at the Tesco site.

I’ve never shopped at Tesco direct before and I’ve been slightly blown away by the randomness of what you can get from a supermarket these days, it’s mad! I got very distracted by the fact you can buy log cabins from Tesco. Yeah, I know! And clarinets. And office chairs. And car wiper blades.

But, enough of that. My little sweetie Tibbs wanted a Shimmer and Shine cake for her party, and after last year’s rainbow unicorn debacle, I was sweating slightly. However, I found the perfect thing during my extensive browsing – a Shimmer and Shine toy that also doubled as an awesome cake topper.

This toy has been her main present, and the cake is still going strong four days later. Boom zahramay, as the genies themselves would say. The cake itself was pink and yellow sponge, double layer, with approximately 1.27 tonnes of pink and purple buttercream piped like a fiend by me, at about 11pm, whilst watching Austin Powers (as an aside, that’s a film that’s aged pretty well), last Friday night.

Her little face when I brought it out was worth the late night piping.

Tesco direct’s toy range is really strong, dare I say it, better than Amazon for a lot of things. For example, they had 92 Shimmer and Shine products alone available. The Vouchercloud idea is a really cool one. When my kids were born, my Dad bought me a Boots giftcard which came in handy in the next few months for all sorts of baby related stuff, and I think a vouchercloud gift could be the same.

Turns out I spend just as much time shopping online as I do in shops! But, hey, I found a shop where I can buy clarinets and log cabins at the same time. Can’t do that on my local high street.

Collaborative post, obvs! All views my own.


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