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your next buy: unicorn gifts

There was an unofficial theme to my five year old girl’s birthday this year – unicorns! You can’t help have a soft spot for them, and unicorn gifts for children are, let’s just say, prevalent.

When Tibbs was born in 2013, it was owls, everything was festooned in owls. When Sonny was born in 2016, everything was covered in foxes. These days, I feel embarrassed if I’m not spangled in horns and rainbow glitter when out with the kids or dressing them up.

So, here are some of my (our/her) favourite unicorn gifts from this year, and a few others we already have which are great too.

unicorn gifts

These books, bought from Amazon, are going to keep the blues (and reds, purples, pinks, mint greens etc) out on rainy days.

unicorn gifts

These two books have been favourites for a while now, the larger one is an adaptation of the biblical fable of how unicorns left the world, which I adore. The other also gives some clues on the magic of unicorns.

unicorn gifts

Tibbs got this Unicorn Boden dress and cardigan for her birthday, and, being the first thing from Boden she’s ever owned, I’m terrifically impressed with the colour and quality.

The unicorn bath cap on the younger model was a gift from Soukous on Cotham Hill, which has a LOT of unicorn stuff.

I’m not sure where this chocolate mould was purchased, but, it looks like a challenge that I might leave to Nanny Katie, who is way better at this kind of thing than me.

unicorn gifts

You got any others you would add to the list? Not sure I can physically take on any more unicorns here, but maybe we could open a Bristol theme park?

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