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Five small businesses Bristol needs immediately

We are (hashtag) blessed in Bristol with some small businesses that have become synonymous with living here and enjoying the city. For example, if you love your food and don’t use Wriggle, you’re a bit bonkers, and the coffee as kindness giving app, huggg is perfectly lovely.

Every butcher, baker, candlestick maker (yes, yes we even have these, like Osmology at the Christmas Steps – the Liberty of candles and Bearoma which has free delivery to Bristolians) was probably started with small business loans or savings, or a combination of both. I admire anyone with the guts to change their lives and start their own businesses. It’s an important way of keeping talent in Bristol, and, of course, creating jobs and setting an example for younger people.

I’m pretty sure there’s room for more though. If anyone feels like setting one of these up, I’m totally fine with you borrowing these ideas. Bristol needs these. Honestly.

Street food delivery – When you can’t get down to Temple Gate, or the Tobacco Factory market, but you really, really need hummus from that awesome guy with the hummous (do you know him? So good!) – could there not just be someone who gets that for you and then brings it to you and you give them the money?

The Buggy bus – probably modelled more on the bendy buses in London as it’d need to be really long, but a bus that ONLY lets buggies and their drivers on needs to operate in Bristol, especially in the hilly and traffic clogged bits. Just a line of single seats with space beside them for the old Maclaren.

London parent express/car seat cabs – for those of us that need to get up and down to London in between breakfast club and after school pickup, some kind of private train/plane/coach which runs at these precise times would be GREAT. If this firm could also have a fleet of cars with baby/child seats in to race us up to nursery and school once we get back to Bristol, which also has automatic snack dispensers for the snacks we’ve forgotten, this would also be ideal. In fact, if you want to establish the latter part of this first (car seat and snack cabs) please do.

FOMO consultant – quite like a personal shopper, the FOMO consultant profiles you and then becomes your new most helpful friend, like a walking copy of Time Out but much more targeted to things they know you really won’t want to miss. They create and manage your FOMO. They prevent wasting precious child/work free hours seeing films that turn out to be rubbish or bands that actually you didn’t really like.

Dog Uber – Duber? That thing where you are out for the day with your dog, and you really want to stay out, but you can’t take the dog to the cinema, or to the burger place. Well, what if you had dog Uber and could just send the wee fella home? On dog pocket money prices of course.

The breakfast photo, by the way, is from my new favourite cafe in the old city, the Ironworks Supply Co. Delicious food, coffee, and stockists of Deus Ex Machina clothing (a Mr Bristol Parent fave). Really kind, fun people, family friendly, laptop friendly, and I think dog friendly too. Go!

This is a collaborative post but all words and totally awesome business ideas belong to me.

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