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your next snack | HiPP Organic pouches

We’ve been HiPP Organic weaning ambassadors for over six months now, and wow, has time and eating moved on in this house!

In fact, my son aged 14 months eats a more varied diet than anyone in the house, if you don’t count our bin-dipping dog. Due to his dairy and egg allergies, he’s on what is essentially a vegan diet with added meat (no offence to you vegans of course).

However, there’s one traditional baby and toddler food that he still can’t get enough of – fruit pouches. We go through a lot of fruit pouches. My daughter loves them too for a quick fruit burst after dinner or when she’s feeling ‘hungry but not hungry’. Both of them are keen on most fruits, or at least keen on trying them, so I think they have a good balance between whole and pureed.

HiPP has launched its own range of fruit pouches which are already on the shelves, but I would recommend heading to the website because, along with the pouches, they’ve launched a really sweet range of creatures called the HiPP Buddies, excellent animals which show children how the fruit gets from being grown to being ready to eat. Sometimes, it’s been hard to explain to my eldest that the yummy mango in the pouch is the same as the yummy mango on the plate, so, I think this is a great idea. My favourite is Gordon the Goat, but here I am as Georgie Giraffe. We were sent some masks and storybooks (which are super Diddy and great for stuffing in your baby bag for emergency deployment).

What’s not on the shelves yet, but we had a sneaky taste of, is HiPP’s range of savoury pouches. My boy and I tried the Shepherd’s Pie. He’s never been a total fan of savoury pouches, mostly because he takes them and squeezes them in himself, expecting fruit, and doesn’t get it. So I spooned this one out into a bowl and warmed it gently. It was gone within minutes. I was surprised when I tasted it, it really was pretty flavoursome and not at all bland. A hit!

I cook dinners that suit all the family each night, but for on the go meals, the savoury pouches are perfect for older babies, and will also be brilliant for first tastes.

Things I like to do with fruit pouches:

  • Add them to porridge and cereal, with a bit of mashed banana
  • Cut the top off, put a lolly stick in them, and freeze them for teethers and hot school days
  • Add them to my son’s plain soy yoghurt rather than buying the more sugary flavoured ones
  • Add a little red fruit and make an oaty topping, a little like a crumble

What do you do with yours?


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