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I love writing posts like this. I get sent so many brilliant things to tell you all about, and this is, hopefully, one of those lists that’ll have you making a list of cool stuff to do this weekend, and have you making all your friends move here, if they don’t live here already.

Rockaway Park

It’s Somerset Art Works week until Sunday, and if you’re not doing anything this weekend, please consider coming to see my neighbours at Rockaway Park. I can’t really do as much justice to their awesomeness as my friend Jess from her brill vegan lifestyle blog Living on Leaves has in this post, so please read it and then hop down here and check it out. 25 mins from town in the car, or the 376 bus.

Photo credit: Jess Amey of Living on Leaves

Bristol Rocks

It’s this simple. You, and maybe your kids, paint some rocks with patterns, colours, pretty much anything cool, put your name, and Bristol Rocks on the underside, and leave them all over Bristol. In Asdal, outside school, down that leafy track in the woods, in the loos at Colston Hall.

Other kids find them. Randoms find them. Confused pensioners think they are seeing things. You join the Facebook Group, Bristol Rocks, and every time you find one, you post a picture. And then the best bit – you re-hide it.

So, every way you look at it, you win. You’ve got a craft activity, a never-ending treasure hunt, a gloriously happy find for someone who knows what they’ve found, or a puzzling but pleasing treat for someone who doesn’t.

Couldn’t be better. Join the 14,000 already Bristol Rocking here. Photo credit: Bristol Rocks community

Windmill Hill City Farm Autumn Fair

Windmill Hill City Farm are holding their annual Autumn Fair on Saturday 7th October and are aiming to inspire and delight local people, with a wide range of exciting things to see and do.

There will be a great line-up of local bands and musicians, a barbecue & bar, a host of activities, crafts and games and a fantastic market, selling local products. All this in the farm’s beautiful green site in the heart of Bemmie!

Children will be able to get involved in traditional butter making and apple pressing in the farm’s ‘Old Dairy’, as well as magic potion making and mud sculpting in the community gardens.

Oh, and Tibbs’ favourite, Pottery on Wheels, will be there. Such a great thing.

Drag Queen Story time at Watershed

We’ve spoken about these amazing ladies before, so you know we’re so lucky to have them here in Bristol. Watershed are hosting DQST on Saturday 21st October at 11am as part of the Family Arts Festival. Get your hot tickets quick!

Mum Dance!

Y’know, sometimes dancing is better than spinning, yoga, running, whatever. And it’s even better when you can do it, get sweaty, have a laugh and get fit with other women. And maybe wear inappropriately 80s outfits.

Mum dance is in Fishponds this season. It’s the 1980’s Dance Class for Mum Bodies is coming back for you mums of Fishponds. First class of Winter term is Thursday 8th November, 7.45 – 8.45pm. It’s a clever combination of ballet, moving pilates, effective core work and brilliant 1980’s dance routines. You can sign up here.

Beyond Behaviour – raising amazing kids

The talented women from Beyond Behaviour are running a series of workshops focusing on parenting pro-actively, connecting brain-development and talking over proven parenting strategies. You can book into the first one on October 13th here.

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