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your next problem | the gym-jury?

Hopefully, my husband isn’t going to mind me telling you this story. This week, I received a press release that made me laugh out loud, even though it really shouldn’t. It’s about the results of a survey showing that 47% of us have suffered injuries from going to the gym, or doing exercise in general. The gym-jury.

When I was about four months pregnant with our son (as pictured above), I was permanently furious, so my husband decided, after a day of having to deal with my incessant rage, that he wanted to go to the first cricket nets of the year. Such was his hurry to get out of the house of pain, he sprinted to the car without his kit and ran straight into the open arms of some batting and bowling practitioners.

The trouble was, he hadn’t warmed up. Or worn the right shoes. On his first ball, he snapped his Achilles.

For the next three months, he was unable to walk. For the first month, he was unable to carry anything, shower, lift anything. Basically, he was missing in action from parenthood. It was horrible for us both. I was very, very angry. He was frustrated, felt a bit guilty, and of course, was worried about me and about work. We got through it, we came out the other side, and by the time the baby arrived via the sunroof, he was all better.

The only light relief came at the A&E department. You see, the evening of the accident was the first sunny, warm Thursday evening of the summer. It seemed that every man and boy, from every sporting discipline, had decided to go out and get back into their sport.

It was comedy gold. Everything from the retired cyclist with the road rash, to the teenager with the parkour ankle break, and the young lads carrying their striker in covered in blood and mud, fresh from a clatter. And what did they all have in common? A very angry woman sitting beside them, fuming over the circumstance.

Gym-juries aren’t as sexually cliched as this, of course, but, the story fits. One in 10 have needed medical attention following a gym-jury reveals research by Hayward Baker.

The study showed that 38% of us don’t warm up before exercise. But it also showed that the most common injury Brits inflict on themselves is a sprained ankle (21 percent). 18 percent struggle with a back-problem due to badly executed exercise.

16 percent have broken either their arm, leg or hand after sport or physical activity – and worryingly one in ten claim to suffer from chest pain and five percent have slipped a disc.

That’s a lot of missed days of work, parenting and shared responsibility!

The only compensation if you have suffered this kind of thing in the family (pun intended) might be compensation, if it happened in the gym. There’s a free to use injury compensation calculator here.

This is a collaborative post, but my feelings on the subject remain the same. Think before you take up exercise. Get help with deciding what’s right for you. Speak to friends who are on the same path, take it easy, remain healthy. Gym-juries aren’t funny for anybody!


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