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I don’t know about you, but I’m really rubbish at buying things for myself. Lately, I’ve come to consider that not to be such a bad thing. I’m much more likely to spend money on something I’ll remember, an experience, than on a ‘thing’. In Bristol, there’s so many makers and doers producing things that are worth owning, though. I thought I’d list you some of my favourites, in case you are looking for fresh ‘my money’ inspiration.

People of Bristol illustrations

Have you seen Hamilton House based illustrator Nicola Colton’s work? She’s amazing. She has a project called People of Bristol, where every Friday she releases a new drawing of a passer by. I love it. Anyway, she’s available for commissions until Christmas 2017, and you can have your own drawing of you, a friend, your family, or someone completely random, for a very, very reasonable price.

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'Lovely weather for ducks (and kids)'

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Scarlet and Nell candles

I’ve probably spoken before about my scented candle obsession. Given a free rein in True Grace, my rationality completely deserts me. On the other end of the spending scale, I love Homesense for bargain candles. I’ve got a Eucalyptus one going right now that cost two quid and is immense.

Scarlet and Nell are next on my list to try, because they are West Country based and most of their suppliers are too. They make Bristol Bluebell and Bath Roman Roses. Simple, glorious looking, effective local solidarity small business purchasing goodness.


It’s also great for helping banish the notion for your visitors that Bristol smells of weed, cider and macchiato-soaked sourdough.

Lionheart magazine

To me, the perfect magazine is one that takes you a few weeks to read, more like a book. Lionheart is such a journal. Produced and edited in Bristol, featuring some of our most inspirational and interesting humans, it’s gorgeous to look at and soak in.

Issue 8 is out now, and you can get to know the magazine and its vibe on Instagram, where it has a lovely community feel.

The Positive Planner

I guess this blog is my journal, however, a lot of strong women writers that I really respect (you, thisenchantedpixie for example) do journalling, and I’d love to give it a try. I started following the Positive Planner on Instagram recently, I love the simplicity of the design, and, as someone who has had a lot of anxiety and not known where to begin dealing with it, I like the focus on mindful solutions.

In fact, as I’ve been writing, I’ve just bought myself one when I went to grab a link from the website. They had me at lists and meal planners, basically! Oh, and affirmations like this. One half of the duo is Bath based, so you’re keeping up that South West is Best vibe and supporting a local business.

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Guys! OMG 💛The pre-sale is going so well, turns out this is something people actually WANT! Which sounds funny but it's just so exciting that this is something people want to make part of their day to day lives, I'm over the moon and thanks to all our Positive Planners for parting with their hard earned cash££ to preorder this little yellow book! It's brilliant as it's looking as though we are able to possibly even put in an order for more, how cool is that? I'm so proud of how far we have come and all we have achieved, it's been emotional BUT so worth it and we can't wait to smash the stigma with this little eyelash. It means so much more than a sale, it's a community of people that care about their mental health✨ #pumped #feelingallthefeelings #thepositivemovement #wearethepositiveplanners #mentalhealthmatters #wellbeing #selfcare #journal #mindfulness #anxiety #postnataldepression #depression #bethebestversionofyourself Thanks @thefmlystore for the pic by the amazing @emilycoxhead 💛

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Something for your skin

In truth, my skin is pretty neglected. I regularly think about ‘investing’ in it, and then carry on slapping on Olay with a touch of sunshine and washing my face with soap. I cruise sites like Neom Organics because I love anything that mentions better sleep. We use Mendip Lavender ‘sleepy spray’ for that reason too, actually.

But my first port of call for ANY inspiration on this subject is the incredible Sasha at Balanced Beauty Bristol. A more inspirational woman there rarely walked the streets of our city. Please take a look at her green, organic, delicious Instagram, check out her recommended products, support her current journey if you can. Better together, and all that.

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