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your happy holiday place | here’s mine

This week, I’ve been asked where my happy place is, and, luckily, I’ve just got back from there, so I thought I’d see if any other Bristol parents love it too. It’s Shaldon, in South Devon.

I’ll review where we stayed at a later date (spoiler alert, it used to be a real dump of a caravan park which has been bought and overhauled in a pretty impressive manner). Shaldon itself is a pretty little village opposite Teignmouth, with red sand, red cliffs and a whiff of Salcombe with a bit of Sidmouth thrown in (if you know your Devon you’ll know what I mean).

What I like about Shaldon is that its beach isn’t stunning, so it’s not rammed, aside from on regatta week. It’s very tidal and not a safe swim most of the time, but there’s a lot of messing about in boats to be done. Also, it has a beach which, although difficult with a buggy, is dog friendly all year round.

Don’t judge me, but I don’t fare well without decent coffee, and Shaldon has brilliant places to get one or two. Plus, cringe, Teignmouth has a Waitrose, so I can do what you shouldn’t, and blow all my cash on weird treacle tarts and olives whilst on holiday.

In my head, that holiday lasted longer than a week. Partially because the baby got me up every day at 5, partially because we just existed and didn’t plan, and basked in each other’s company for the whole seven days. Before the start of school, it was a real time to treasure.

When we moved here, four years ago, we stayed in some SACO apartments just below the Radisson for a few mights whilst we looked at houses. With an eight week old baby, a comfortable flat was so much better than a hotel – you should check out their serviced apartments in Bristol if you have visitors, they are really good. It was SACO who got in touch and asked about my happy place, because they’ve done a survey amongst Bristolians to find our holiday happy places, so full of nostalgia, I wanted to share some of the survey results.

I wasn’t surprised at the results, aside from the Bristolian hankering for the Hebrides. What do you think? Excuse the typo, it’s not my graphic!

I like the stat that 57% of us are trying to replicate our own childhood holidays for our own children. Me and my husband are half guilty of that, but half determined to make our own family happy places.

I just spat my coffee out at number 10 on the list of must-do activities. Never thought I’d be so grateful to see the word ‘about’.

Anyway, have you been to Shaldon? Or are you a Bristolian that loves Padstow and St Ives?

Happy places all of them.

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