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my next project | lawn mowers and leaf blowers

You know when you hear those stories about people who pop out for a bag of crisps and come home with a new caravan? My dad did that once – they went out for a washing machine and came back with an engagement ring. Turns out, I have similar tendencies.

We went for a nice day out at the Horseworld Open Day in July, and came back with two horses. Well, they didn’t catch a lift in the Renault, they actually arrived a week ago in a horse taxi. And yes, horse taxi, which FYI is cheaper from Bristol to ours than Uber.

Anyway, I digress. The horses. Horseworld, which is in Whitchurch, is responsible for around 500 horses, ponies and donkeys, most of which have had a terrible time and need some help. We also need help, keeping the grass down in our fields (here on the outer fringes of Bristol it is pretty green), so, here they are. Our equine lawn mowers, here to be fussed over and brushed and loved till the end of their days.

Davina, who is named after THE Davina (can you see a likeness? I can) is middle aged and was mistreated by travellers.

Minnie was part of a herd of ponies found dangerously close to the motorway. Minnie is the MINX. She led an escape plan on their second night here, opening a gate and going in search of food. At 7am, they were found in my neighbour’s garden eating apples.

So, they are here to stay, and thank goodness, because Autumn is revving up and it’s my favourite time to be outside! We already made our free fruit and veg stall and laid it out at the top of our track. We had a very kind customer who took lots, but I secretly think the badgers had the rest. We’ve picked our damsons, our apples, our beans and our obscene courgettes. I have one courgette bigger than a penguin.

The trees are starting to turn and drop their acorns, hazelnuts and leaves all over the garden. Tibbs loves collecting them (all) and we have permanent piles of coloured foliage in the kitchen, it’s actually a really good way to get a kid counting and sorting. I’ve been eyeing up a new gadget to complement my lawn mowers – a leaf blower. Is that really lazy? Probably. But I’d love to get them all composted down and put on the veg patch next year, rather than watch them blob all over the place and fester in small, forgotten piles.

Autumn though, you are welcome. Come on over. Settle in, bring me cosy afternoons grooming my lawn mowers in their stables and picking bits of straw out of my children’s hair whilst we make slow cooked food and eat cake.

This is a collaborative post.

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