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I know. It’s nearly time for school. I KNOW!! First time for us, so getting the right shoes was really important. My girl has short, wide, deep feet, and the traditional mary-jane style shoe just doesn’t fit her. After a tearful trip to a shoe shop where all the ones she wanted, she couldn’t have, we left empty-footed. However, we left with her correct size.

Luckily, Debenhams came along. I used to be a huge fan of Debenhams for my clothes, pre-kids. I loved Matthew Williamson’s Butterfly collection, but I admit, I haven’t been recently. Online, I went straight to the school section and was really pleasantly surprised at the school shoes section. It was easy to find something in her size, and they have a really good selection of t-bar styles, which are perfect for her shape of feet. We went for the ‘Trixie’ Chipmunk (ok name, better than some!).


For me, simply buying the shoes online and having them delivered, and telling Tibbs ‘these are your shoes’ worked really well. She was delighted. I think the patent leather helps. I am so clueless, I had to check with my sister if patent leather is allowed in schools! A friend has just asked me if they are scuff-resistant. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but, I figure that school shoes are there to be worn, and worn shoes means lots of gadding about, which is good, right?

I’m nervous about school, Tibbs seems like she might be a little, too, so we’ve been doing some uniform try-ons and looking at lots of books and tv shows about starting school (CBeebies, you are legends at this). Mack has also been joining in. I think he thinks he should have a uniform too. Or maybe he’s just jealous that Tibbs has shinier feet than him now.

Lastly, is there anything more glorious than a fresh pair of white socks on a wriggly little leg? The socks in these pictures are supposed to be ankle socks with frills, but somebody wanted them pulled up tight.

God, I love her. She’s my sunshine.

Thanks to Debenhams for the chance to try out their school shoe range

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