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I find shopping for folk I know best to be the hardest, especially when I’m as time-poor as I now am, having gone back to work. The 10 minute drive between my desk and nursery isn’t exactly prime shopping time, so I’ve had to start doing even more online shopping than I did when I was breastfeeding. Did anyone else add the Amazon Prime app to their phone when they were night feeding? Fatal!

So, when I heard that Uncommon Goods, and their range of personalised gifts which you can look at here is now shipping to the UK, I was happy. We got several lovely personalised gifts for our wedding, and for the birth of each child, and I treasure them.

UncommonGoods splits the site into sections, so you can easily find anniversary gifts or look for cool gadgets

My top picks are all the personalised stuff, I’d love to get more things for myself actually (can I self-gift? Yes I can!) to remind me of being a mum, as well as being a human. I absolutely love the idea of the ‘fabric of my family’ blanket, and the colours are gorgeous.

This necklace is so delicate and reminds me of The Paper Dolls children’s story, I think it’s beautiful. We’re holding hands and we won’t let go!

And as a complete book fiend and former librarian at University, I LOVE this!

I’m not amazing at Pinterest but I made a board of some of the other things I like at UncommonGoods, which includes more of the Americana. I used to live in New York, and would love to get more home things that remind me of my stay there.

UncommonGoods does wish lists, which are another fatal shopping tool for me, I just spend forever adding stuff and strategically leaving the laptop open in front of my husband! They also do registry stuff, which I think would make a pretty lovely alternative to you know who (initials JL) if you are looking for homeware and unique things.

What personalised gifts have you received? And do you like giving them?

This post was written in collaboration with UncommonGoods, but all my favourite items are chosen by me.





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