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the next level fabulous | Drag Queen Story Time

Every so often, something so utterly perfect appears in Bristol for families, that you can’t quite believe your luck. Last month, I started seeing events popping up at our Bristol Libraries which, honestly, I felt like applauding. Drag Queen Story Time.

In Bristol, we are now bestowed with the first squad of fabulous drag queens, whose mission it is to bring fun, laughter, and vital messages of tolerance, gender fluidity and glamour to children of all ages through reading them their favourite stories. Can you actually think of anything better and more of an obvious match?

Reading to children is a tough gig, especially when there’s a lot of them. Capturing the imagination of our kids en masse is even harder. What better and who better to give it a bash than some glitzy, beautiful queens with a flair for creative performance?

When my daughter draws her idea of a beautiful queen or princess, the colours are as loud and proud as those of any drag queen, the hair as big and the faces as expressive. She will be (for we haven’t been lucky enough to get to a Drag Queen Story Time show yet) blown away by having her best books brought to life by such fabulous ladies. I can’t wait to go.

I watched the founder of Drag Queen Story Time, on BBC Points West recently. They were asked if it was too early to introduce children to the concept of gender fluidity and positive queer role models. I have two thoughts about that. Firstly, sit back and enjoy the show, not every child is going to have a million questions about who that is and why are they dressed like that. And if they do, surely Drag Queen Story Time provides you with the best possible moment to discuss these things? Diversity isn’t optional, in my opinion.

I’m so excited that Bristol is the first city in the UK to be bestowed with these amazing folk. What a genuinely lovely thing. I can’t wait to see them popping up everywhere, and if you’re interested, the next big event is at Watershed on August 25. Then there’s Zion for Diversity Month in October.

If you’re interested in meeting the queens, have a look here.

All photos here courtesy of Drag Queen Story Time

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