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car seats and air travel | is it worth it?

Lots of people joke about how a trip to IKEA can destroy a relationship. My opinion is different. Nothing can crumble a relationship, or a good day, or a person’s patience, like a child’s car seat can.

Lots of us have been changing car seats recently due to the new legislation (check out the Halfords guide if you haven’t already). Getting your head around a new one can be so hard, and, well, annoying. The list of things I’d rather do than move our car seats from David’s car to mine includes some pretty grim tasks. And, of course, then, there’s the ‘do we take the car seats on holiday, or do we spank a load more cash on hiring them from the crooks at the airport hire car place’ conundrum.

We recently went to Portugal, giddy with excitement and hope, we decided to take the seats with us.

Tibbs is the proud owner of a new Recaro Monza Nova 2 seat. The seat, as well as being light and having isofix bars, also has a headphone jack and speakers in the sides. This, to her, means one simple thing. MOANA. Every journey, in goes my phone to the jack, and out comes the jumbled, emotionally charged karaoke versions of the songs on the film soundtrack. It’s both funny and ridiculous at the same time. But I digress, the point is, she loves it, a journey without it would be like He-Man without Battlecat, Elsa without her gloves, Negan without Lucille.

Recaro Monza Nova

There was no chance we’d make it to Faro without the seat. And the baby had to have his seat. And a pushchair. Thank goodness for Easyjet and it’s generous baby luggage allowance.

I see posts on Facebook parent groups a lot asking about this.

From Bristol, you can take your car seats, by checking them into outsize/unusual luggage. You can keep the baby in the pushchair until the steps of the plane. Your buggy and car seats come out on either the conveyor belt at the other side, or, in the case at Faro, on a table for the big luggage.

I also see lots of people looking for bags/sleeves/packaging for their stuff. Our car seats came out in perfectly fine shape, not a mark on them. The buggy is a rolling, raisin filled skip anyway, so I couldn’t complain even if it was scuffed.

The hardest part was balancing everything on the trolley to the car hire place, until my husband, the big hairy genius, used the isofix points to clip the Recaro to the trolley. What a legend!

So, on we went, listening to Moana all the way, well, until she fell asleep and I swiped my phone back, that is. The Recaro jack also worked on our portable DVD player, which was immense, as it meant we all didn’t have to listen to Charlie and bloody Lola. Again. The noise cancellation works better on film and TV than on music, as a side note.

I think it’s worth travelling with your own car seats, if you can stand the pain of grappling them into the hire car, which, for us was pretty simple, for a change. It would have cost us about £120.00 extra to hire them, we thought.

Thanks to Halfords&Recaro for the new seat – and the fact I can now do Maui’s rap in You’re Welcome.


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