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your next party | Bristol’s mini-festival boom

Bristol families know how to have fun, I think.

I love our mini-festival, street party and summer event scene. Kids spilling out of buggies covered in balloons and crafts just made, kids on shoulders shouting for ice cream. Rings of people around some great little band, kids at the front, parents sneaking in the cider at the back. Money spent on artisan sausages from the grill or big fat slices of cake on paper plates. And the trail as you leave, of families tottering home, sticky handed, tired, relieved they don’t have to cook dinner, wondering if they’ll sleep well tonight after all that excitement.

I’ve picked out a few such events that you might not know of, to put in your diary and enjoy. This is a TINY slice of what’s on offer this summer, there’s so much more, and I’ll try and do as many posts like this as I can.


Easton Arts Trail 3-4 June

Seriously, if you haven’t Arts Trailed with kids in tow…what kind of a Bristol parent are you 😉

Easton looks in fine form for this. I particularly love the sound of the chalk drawing for children event.

St Werburghs Farm summer fair 3 June

Three stages of music, a whole host of Bristol street food, and a lot of family fun. Great choice for this weekend, check out the FB event page here.

Bristol Cycling Centre fun day 10 June

If you’re a two-wheeled family this is for you. Bike swapping, teaching, chatting and learning. Refurbished bikes and opportunities to learn about family cycling around Bristol. Check it out here.

Bristol Festival of Nature 10-11 June

Events are FREE at this amazing celebration of all life. A wicked chance to show the children things they may be learning about at school but have never seen, word on the street is there is a LOT of dinosaur action, so beware of huge intruders on Millennium Square! Download the programme here.

Keynsham gets its own mini version of the Festival of Nature on June 18, too.


Baby Bank Network Family Fun Day 1 July

One of Bristol’s most relatable and fantastic charity projects, doing amazing work for families in need of a leg-up when it comes to preparing for a new baby. This Family Fun Day will be a celebration of all the hard work, and a chance to get to know more.

Clifton Fest 7-9 July

Check out the event Facebook page here for more info, but it looks like lots of live music and fun in and outside the village’s most delightful venues.

Hauser and Wirth Summer Party 15 July

Ok, so this is Bruton not Bristol, and will have a distinctly different vibe (have you BEEN to Bruton? It’s well on trend, in a bit of a posh way). But this will be pretty fun, and may give you a taste for life outside the city! Check out all that’s on offer here.


Valley Fest, 4-6 August

My favourite festival of the year. It’s a MUST attend for Bristol families in my opinion. An absolute family rave up of the highest order, minutes away in the Chew Valley. Jose Gonzalez and DJ Yoda for you, umpteen amazing family activities for them. Me and David always go for a micro-rave one day by ourselves, and then take the kids on another day. Ideal!

Summer games, 17 August, Dame Emily Park

Dame Emily is one of Bedminster’s best ‘secrets’ – unless you’re a parent, a boarder or scooter, a street artist, or a secret weed smoker! It’s a great community park with an excellent playground. If you’ve lived in London, I think it’s one of the most ‘London-like’ parks we have. This Summer Games will be so much fun.

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  1. Great piece! Have you been to Farm Fest in Bruton too? Was wondering how it compares to Valley Fest as unsure which one to go with (the kids!) Thank you.

    • I haven’t been, no, but I’d love to. I think that Farm Fest is probably comparable, but the clientele might be a little bit more polished, given Bruton’s very cool status.

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