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introducing solids | weaning baby number two

I weaned Tibbs too early, at 22 weeks. She gamely ate the horrible glue-rice-paste I heaped on the spoon. She looked happily on, clueless, as I mouthed swear words to myself, incredulous that pureed carrot went through her and out the other side, with no change in colour or substance.

She wasn’t ready. But oh my god, look at the face below. He was SO ready.

From the very first mouthful, it’s been a love affair. I’ve included a little video here of his actual very first mouthful. Check out the reaction, it’s so funny. This time around, there’s been none of the trepidation, I’ve just got stuck in and given him appropriate foods to slurp, hold, gum and swallow.

I’ll be honest, there were no ice-cube trays of home-made mush. I remember finding the last lot at the back of the freezer, cracked and unappetising like the sole of a pensioner’s foot, when we moved house a couple of years ago. I’ve just used good old pouches and jars, and mashed fruit straight from the fruit bowl. There’s been less waste, less fuss.

We’ve got a new high chair, after the dog helpfully chewed off the straps from our old faithful IKEA job, which is now relegated to visiting bigger child status. Thanks to Kiddies Kingdom (new to me but a goldmine of good kid merch) we’ve gone for the slightly eye-wideningly monikered Mimzy Snacker from Joie.


It’s pretty swanky. It folds up like my Baby Jogger, with one hand, into a smaller position, so I can store it easily. High chairs tend to dominate the kitchen a bit don’t they? Second to a flipping Jumperoo, they can be the least stylish kid-item in the living space. The Mimzy Snacker with its snazzy grey star pattern actually looks quite cool. It also has a catcher panel underneath for spillages. Luckily, I have a Labrador, so there’s no actual need for this, as Mack is the most efficient floor cleaner you need.

Poor kid, he’s so obviously the second child, with his worn-in pink bibs and teeth marked coloured spoons. So I bought him a new set of stuff from Bamboo Bamboo, a cool bowl and plate with a sucker thing to anchor it to the high chair, which is necessary given his insistence on doing it all himself now.

Feeding him is an absolute joy. I love how he joins in at mealtimes, watching his sister carefully as she shows him how to eat, laughing at her encouragement. He’s so different to her, he’ll try anything. We’re avoiding dairy for him right now, due to some suspicions that it’s hurting his eczema, but he’s game for most things. I’m very proud, ridiculously so. Tibbs was only keen on one food at this age – humus. No kidding. Humus and breadsticks.

He has weetabix and formula for breakfast with fruit, some savoury for lunch before his bottle, and some vegetables and fruit with a bit of meat or fish mashed up for dinner. We’re not doing much finger food because his suction power usually leaves me fishing chunks out of his gob that scare me, so we’ll wait a little bit. But he’s trying!

Onwards towards the next chapter of weaning from breastfeeding we go, as I start to think about my return to work. My goodness, this is all going so quickly. Happy weaning!

Thanks to Kiddies Kingdom for the cool high-chair!

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