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my Mother’s Day weekend | and house plans

The baby that made me a mother has been poorly (how much winter illness in Bristol – gah!), so this weekend we just went for it, and spent it ALL outdoors to banish the germs and celebrate the things we love.

My husband is from Devon, and it’s so close by, such a perfect nap time car journey, that we packed up and got down to beautiful Shaldon by 10am on Saturday. Jeez it’s gorgeous down there. You drive across the bridge from Teignmouth into the streets of sugar-coloured cottages and buzz up the red cliffs. Ode cafe flat whites in hand, we went through the smuggler’s tunnel and hit the beach straight away. Ness beach is dog friendly all year round, so we spent hours playing and searching for shells. Everybody was smiling. There was such a wonderful family atmosphere. We were home for tea, my pockets replete with beautiful treasures that me and Tibbs gathered together for a jar in her room.

I’m so proud of my family. I LOVE that my babies look so like my husband, because they have his eyes, his cheeks, and his smile. Being down at the beach with them was perfect to me.

Yesterday, we hit our groove just as early and headed out to the Mendip Farmers Point to Point in Stone Easton. Amateur jockeys, the Mendip hunt chasing loose horses around the course, an explosion of tweed and everybody drinking a much welcome outdoor cider. I literally hoovered mine down, it was awesome! We won £4.20, what a fortune!

When we got home, babies asleep, we started to think about how much our home means to us, and the things we want to do. This house is growing me as a mother, I feel utterly enchanted with our home. I don’t mean to sound like a weirdo, but it’s my perfect place, and we want to make the most of it and give our kids everything. We talked about extensions, conservatories, room switcheroos.  We want this place to combine our two favourite things, the outdoors, and our lives together.

Some part of me would like the kids to share for part of their childhoods, which I think would be fun and chaos in equal measure. I’d love them to have bunk beds or beds close to each other, so we drooled over furniture from Ollie and Leila, and fabrics from places like IKEA.

I’d also love to have a proper family room, with a wood burner, a huge sofa for us all, and a place to catch the best views from our hilly position. It’s my ideal to have that, and a more formal living room with everything I treasure in it, such as my ceramics and more serious artwork.

Tomorrow, the hot tub that came with the house is going, which I am pretty delighted about. I know a lot of parents would dream of sinking into an outdoor hot bath every night with a glass of booze, but I just can’t get my head around it. Maybe we should’ve hopped in one last time as a Mother’s Day homage, but instead, we just carried on dreaming about what could be, not what is.

I hope you had a wonderful day, too.

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  1. The wood burner and huge sofa is a bit of a dream of mine too – it’s good to have things like this to aspire to I reckon 🙂

  2. Yay to the back of hot tub. I just don’t “get” them in any places other than a spa. I love it when an lovely day, brings out the positivity and that feeling of contentment that makes you want to look forward.
    Been listening to a talk today about our human need to connect with nature and how that this changing how we design and live in our homes and how this impacts on our well being. Focusing rooms around views and natural elements – like wood burning stoves!

  3. Sounds like the perfect family day. Devon is so beautiful and I really wished we lived closer to it so could visit more often (it should take 4 hours, but on our last holiday there last year it took us 6 hours!! eek!) Definitely relate to all your thoughts on building your home. We’ve been renovating ours for nine months whilst living with my parents and I am beyond desperate to start making it a home and putting the stress and mess of the building chaos behind us. xx

  4. This sounds like such a wonderful way to spend mothers day. I never knew your husband was from Devon and I totally agree such a nice place too visit and really not that far!! Also loving all these snaps of your gorgeous family

    Laura x

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