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Your next walk | Bath Skyline family discovery trail

There are many questions as a Bristol Parent. Do you want to build a snowman? Can you stand another episode of Paw Patrol? Will the zoo car park be full by 9am? But what about…can you be bothered driving to Bath to go for a walk?

Well, the answer to this should be yes if:

  • You have a child that believes in fairies
  • You have a family thirst for adventure
  • You have a buggy and you still want to go for a countryside walk
  • You have a dog who likes to run lead-free
  • You fancy hot chocolate from a thermos with an incredible view

Last Sunday, in probably the most Baltic conditions I have ever encountered as a parent, we set off for Bath to do the National Trust’s Bath Skyline family discovery trail, a two mile, totally flat, circular walk, high above the city.

You don’t need to be a National Trust member, there’s no fee. There’s plenty of parking in various places, and you can even access it by bus if you like. I wouldn’t suggest walking from the station though, unless you are a massive fan of uphill lumbering.

You can join the circuit at various points, and it includes some paths through fields with livestock (very placid cows currently), some fun gates, a lot of woodlands, and many pathways. In the summer months, it might even be bike or scooter suitable.

In the woodlands, there’s a den building area, and then there’s the fairy walkway. By using the QR code, or downloading the PDF, you can search for the fairy doors and then find out which fairies live behind them. It’s so good. Some of them are quite tricky to find and the woodland is very wild and well maintained. We spent a good hour hunting around, looking at different types of trees and doing some sensory stuff with moss, bark, and leaves too. Tibbs was captivated.

I don’t think we’ve ever managed a two mile walk where our daughter actually walked for the vast majority of it, especially in winter. It was brilliant.

On the way there we stopped at our favourite Bath cafe, the Chelsea Road Cafe, for a bit of breakfast. Chelsea road is a short street, packed with independent shops and delis, near the hospital, which is how we found it, because we spent so much time there post-Flinders’ birth!

On the way home we stopped in the Bear Flats area of Bath and had sunday lunch at The Bear. It’s owned by the Zazu’s guys and is a wicked family pub. Great food, big, rangey space, family room and heaps of books and toys. Loved it.

Very much worth the short drive to our neighbouring city, I promise you!

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  1. Anna Carroll Anna Carroll

    We love this place! Let us know when you are next heading that way and we can meet! Hope all is going well. Anna, Charlie, Rupert and walter the dog xx

    • So good to hear you’re making the most of the countryside in your new city, Anna!

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