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full moon party | kids and the lunar cycle

Last week, I was visiting a friend, trying, as you do, to have many snatched conversations between slurps of tea and answering eight million pre-schooler questions an hour. The questions were actually demands – more CBeebies, more snacks, I want a hot chocolate. In the end, we left, I couldn’t negotiate with a three-foot dictator any more.

On the way home, after promising that if I hear ‘I want to go home’ or ‘I want a hot chocolate’ more than  ten times during the car journey, there would be no hot chocolate at all, we rounded the hill to our house and saw it – the moon. It was giant and bright. ‘Look at the moon!’, said Tibbs. And I realised – peak lunar cycle was here once more, and so was peak bad behaviour.

I think I have a daughter affected by the lunar cycle, do you? My kids’ behaviour is down to the moon! Yesssss! It’s not all my bad parenting!

Last month, the baby also stayed awake most of the night, literally howling at the damn thing between huge feeds. This month, he’s been ok so far.

My sister, who works in education, said that the kids at her school all go a bit crazy under the full moon, and that a change in behaviour is noticeable. The thought of whole classes of children suddenly slipping into some feral mindset makes me shudder. Teachers have my full respect.

So, is there any science to back up my hunches? Erm, not really.

A 2016 University of Ontario study didn’t find a link between bad sleep and the moon in just under 6,000 9-11 year olds.

There are countless parenting chat board threads about it, like this and this, but for every mum blaming the moon, there’s one blaming teeth, growth spurts, colds and other magical mystery sleep thieves.

Can it be true? Are your children the same? Are we harbouring a tribe of tiny lunar warriors, or some sort of Game of Thrones style silent army, ready to rise up and cause mayhem when called upon by the moon?


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  1. I’ve never really thought about it to be honest, but it would be interesting to track. My youngest actually started her periods last month, so it’s probably going to play more of a role now! I bought her a moonstone pendant to mark the occasion.

    • What an amazingly thoughtful present at what is a MENTAL time for a young woman!

  2. I’ve never heard of this as a thing before, but I’m going to chalk it up with the rest of my excuses for when things go downhill with the kids!

  3. I have heard this a few times and while I do think that elements in nature can affect our life and possibly sleep patterns I don’t think it can really keep babies up or make them more likely to wake. I’m in the middle of the road with this one

    Laura x

  4. It definitely affects me and my sleep in particular. And I’ve noticed it affect my kids some months but not others. Hardly adding much in the way of rigorous science to the debate, am I?

  5. The moon and mercury retrogrades definitely affect me… I’ll be interested to track the kids, too! I bet there’s something in it.

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