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dad presents | is there anyone harder than dads?

Dads, eh? I’ve had one for 41 years now, and he just keeps getting harder and harder to buy for. Mine is especially hard because his birthday is two weeks after Christmas Day. Double dad present buying trouble. It’s a good job he’s so awesome, otherwise I’d get cross.

Luckily for me, mine doesn’t read my blog (I don’t think. If I’m wrong – hiya Dad!), so, I can talk about what I’m thinking of getting him. I’ve mapped gifts according to his most treasured activities.

Dad activities identified

Car faffing – Dad is the proud owner of two large luxury cars. One vintage, one not so vintage. When I say proud, he has an actual painting of one of them in his living room. These cars get polished weekly, sometimes more, so polishing equipment is always a good idea.

I usually get him some Autoglym¬†stuff, which is like the Waitrose of car shampoo. I may be benevolent this year and give him some of Flinders’ old sleep suits to polish with.

Engelbert Strauss have some really quality looking work wear stuff which I think looks really quite cool. Not saying my dad looks like this, but I think these dungarees look pretty awesome for car faffing. Currently my dad rocks a full-on boiler suit for this activity.


Grandchildren wrangling

Dad is a happy part-time child wrangler. Blessed with three girls and a boy in the grandchildren department, most of the time he’s just perplexed at what he did to deserve so much pink, glitter, high pitched screeching and cake baking. Fortunately he relies on my husband and brother in law for man chats and, as the kids aren’t old enough yet, conversations about rugby, Aldi and pensions. All this is done mostly over Scotch and beers, which the kids are also not old enough for.

So, Dad ALWAYS gets at least one bottle of interesting Scotch each year.

He also always gets the biggest bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut we can find. I remember when that bar had 12 chunks and came in foil. Now it has 847 chunks and you need a wheelbarrow to lift it.

Eating well

When I say well, I mean eating nice food. My dad doesn’t eat loads, not by most standards, but, he likes it to be nice. I like going to their house, there’s always a lot of Marks and Spencer in the fridge, and some juicy looking bottles on their sides in the wine rack looking tempting.

This year, I’ve ordered the coolest present ever – from Cure and Simple – a monthly bacon delivery! All top quality meats, prepared in a different way every month. Whenever I take my Dad for breakfast at Babington House, he has a bacon sandwich, so I’m hoping this will make him feel like he’s gone out for a posh one a couple of times a month.


Please, tell me what you are buying yours? I really need some more inspiration!

A collaborative post, but all words are my own.
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