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Advent | bringing in the light to your home

I love this time of year! Not only is this weather glorious (how amazing is the bright sun against the frosty backdrop?) but, everybody is starting to bustle around. Christmas is coming. Advent is the season for light. When the sunrise looks like the above, you really want to keep some of that light going all day, don’t you?

Our home is totally south facing, and, downstairs, we have doors or floor to ceiling windows in every room, so, the light floods in. Every corner is bejewelled with light at some point during each day. We even have a VELUX window in our landing, which is double height. It’s one of my favourite views, because when you come downstairs in the morning, you can peek out and see exactly what’s going on with the weather.


We’ve been thinking about getting some curtains for the living room, and some VELUX blinds, so that we can keep the house as cosy as possible, but, I think I’d mostly keep them open to get that first view of the sky in the morning. In the above picture you can see a mobile, which was made for Tibby by her clever godfather. It catches that early morning light and reflects it back onto the walls. I catch glimpses of it turning slowly in the sun when I’m feeding the baby.

Bringing in the light at Advent, and keeping it in the home, is important to me. It’s a ritual, part of the countdown to Christmas. We’ve put a candle on the hall table, this season its Sacristy from True Grace, perfect to me – smoky, heavy, really different. I plan to put more out as Advent progresses.


I’ve put Tibby’s advent calendar in the hall, too, at the bottom of the stairs. It’s an Etsy purchase from a lovely lady in Scotland called WeeWonder. It’s stunning. I love the colours, they work really well against our light grey walls.


I’m also feeling very lucky this Advent, to have an art-loving husband. He came home from the Totterdown Arts Trail a couple of weeks ago with a purchase by Helen Ward, a local artist that we’ve both admired for a long time. Helen’s paper entomology is so, so stunningly beautiful. It’s delicate and exciting. And this piece looks so perfect, the gilded butterfly gently reflecting the light and amplifying it throughout pale December.


I’m looking forward to Christmas so much this year, but I’ll savour Advent for what it is. Time is going so fast with this new little baby, but sitting in the sunny nursery, feeding him and looking out across the hall, watching the window light change the colours dappling on the wall, I feel so peaceful.

I hope Advent is as peaceful for you.

This was a collaborative post with VELUX blinds.
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  1. Your house looks pretty stunning! So lovely to have all that light. We have Velux windows in our loft and they look great. PS nearly Christmas!

  2. Those views are amazing and the light is just magical! Enjoy the countdown lovely x

  3. This is such a gorgeous post Eleanor. I think light is the thing I crave most in the winter months, not heat. Your home sounds like the perfect place to sit and absorb some rays and it’s good to hear how peaceful things are with you x

  4. I love your views about Advent! I never really make a big deal about it but I love the idea of being a bit thoughtful in the period 🙂

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