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making her feel special | caring for the big sister

Flinders is five weeks old today! While I’m lucky enough to be able to spend plenty of one on one time with him during the day, whilst his big sister is at school, I am, as predicted, missing my little girl and our companionship so much. I relish every single second I get to spend with her. I’ve even found myself creeping into her room at night to re-arrange her covers and stroke her hair, just to be near her.

So, I’ve started to try and find other ways to make her feel special. I thought I’d pass some of them on, just in case anybody else is in the same situation.

Dancing with her

Tibby loves to dance. We go to a weekly class called Danceblast in Southville, and, I’m finding that asking her to show me her latest routine is a wonderful way to watch her, even if I’m feeding the baby at the time. When I can, I ask her to teach me what she knows, and let her boss me about a bit, which she loves. My moves are, of course, lame, I’m five weeks over a c-section and mostly wearing a terribly unsupportive bra, but, she loves it when we dance together!

Drawing with her

In my previous post I talked about how much Tibby loves craft. I really enjoy watching her draw and doodle, and she likes it if I help her out a little. I draw round my hand so that she can turn it into funny pictures. I start a drawing of a horse so that she can add in a rider, and a horn, because all horses are unicorns, right?


Packing her bag

For a while now, Tibby has loved the concept of having her own bag, and packing her things for whatever we’re doing. House of Fraser sent us this ‘Let’s do Lunch’ little lunchbox bag by Joules, which she loves to pack up with her own snacks and a weird assortment of toys. It’s part of feeling like a big girl I think, the idea of having a choice in what she brings. I love the fact she likes the motif on this bag though, it’s not all pink and princesses, is it?


Turning the pages

When you’ve had a new small sibling arrive, you might have realised that one of the hardest challenges is bedtime, especially if you’re solo, and you’re in a routine involving bedtime stories. I cannot breastfeed one handed, which means I cannot turn the pages of a story book! So, I’ve made it into a game, a challenge, something that I need help with, which in turn spurs my patient, kind little girl into turning the pages for me. My heart literally burst when she first did this.


Having the same things

I’ve started making sure that she knows I like how she does things, and part of that has been that if she chooses something to eat, drink, wear or do, I see if I can choose the same. She likes it if we are both wearing blue jeans. If we are both having hot chocolates, she smiles and taps her spoon on my cup approvingly. It feels conspiratorial, like it’s just the two of us. I love it!

Do you have any ways that you spend time with your children on on one?

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  1. This is such a sweet post. I find I appreciate the one-on-one time with F so much more now it’s so rare, what with school and her little sister. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to a cafe and once a month we have a “girls’ nght in” with pizza, chocolate and a movie. These are the things golden memories are made of and they’re so special. x

  2. Gosh, it is all too cute, I love the hot chocolate thing. She is a peach.

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