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have you been to Wapping Wharf yet?

I’m pretty sure everybody knows of Wapping Wharf by now. But, if you don’t, it’s our brand new harbourside development of stylish apartments and fantastic new bars, restaurants and shops.

David and I, complete with Flinders enjoying his first bit of sling action, took a trip down there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Every single shop and bar and coffee shop was calling to me! It’s SO COOL DOWN THERE!

Here’s some reasons to love (and visit) Wapping Wharf. Make sure you do, because Cargo, the shipping container part of the community, won’t be around for ever and ever. On a side note – is there a more perfect place to use shipping containers as stylish retail units than our lovely harbourside?

Chicken Shed

We ate our lunch at Chicken Shed, the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion chicken shop in Cargo. It’s gluten free fried chicken, with various twists that we’ve all come to expect from the EDBF team.

I had a chicken wrap, with slaw and fries. The flatbread itself was delicious, warm, a slight crisp to it. The slaw had colour and flavour and felt healthy. The cider was cold and I drank it like a woman who hasn’t had a cider for nine months.

Coffee, coffee, coffee

There’s a triangle of places on Gaol Ferry Steps – Mokoko, Better Food Company and Little Victories.

We tried Mokoko, which was wafting with freshly baked gingerbread (it has an open bakery inside, it’s dreamy). It’s more San Francisco than South Bristol in style. Beautiful hues of blue and copper and brown and lovely, cosy booths alongside well-lit, single seating for workers and expresso fans.

I had a majestic flat white and a slice of rosemary and lemon polenta cake. The coffee itself had a wonderful flavour, which reminded me a bit of eucalyptus, but, with my ravaged palette, probably wasn’t.

I fed the baby, we talked, my husband tinkered with his fantasy football team, I people watched. It was a really happy atmosphere.

 Next time

There’s two places on my list to try kid-free. I’m going to make it happen before Christmas, oh yes!

Corks at Cargo. It’s a smaller Corks branch, tucked into a container crate. But it’s like a slice of Barcelona in a box. Huge range of booze down one side, to buy, try, and takeaway. Down the other side, a shelf, some stools, a really nice couple of staff, and you. You can buy a drink and sit in. You can buy tots of really quality rum, ripe glasses of wine. I would LOVE to go there on an evening with a small group of friends. It’d be like the best lock in without needing to be locked in.

Box-E. Box E is a 14 cover restaurant unit with an open kitchen and a menu that changes all the time. Four people can even sit at the kitchen table, chat to the chefs as they cook, and enjoy a bespoke menu. It looks unbelievably good. Again, I want to go there with friends, and enjoy it in full.

Have you been down to Wapping Wharf yet? Where did you eat? What did you think?

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  1. Oh I am SALIVATING. Sounds like a fabulous day out to have a wander and mooch around eating all the things! (my idea of perfection) xo

  2. I am SO HUNGRY now! Gosh Bristol has changed so much since I grew up there. This is one place I’d LOVE to visit when I next make it back to my home town. x

  3. It is such a great development, I think they’ve done such a good job keeping it independent. I’ve been meaning to write a similar post, I just love it. I’ve heard really good things about Bertha’s Pizza and the fish and chips at Wild Beer (apparently, it’s packed most evenings). Also, yes to Mokoko. Darling! let’s do coffee!

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