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bath time for two | with HiPP Organic

Bathtime has always been a huge part of our family’s routine. It was what saved us in Tibby’s early weeks – her reflux punctured our evening bubble so hard, we searched for anything to get through those hours. A soothing bath before feed and bed became the basis of our routine.

The challenges of bathing two kids

So, when Flinders came along I kind of assumed he’d just fit in with that routine. Oh, no. The little lobster baby hated his first bath. In fact, he hates being nude full stop! His crying really stressed Tibby out. She didn’t want him in her bath, which made me really sad (I’m still hypersensitive to her taking a dislike to him, even though there are no clear signs).

So, we took him out of the equation for a couple of weeks, and put him in the bath just before her, then I fed him whilst David did bath and bed with her. As long as I can stand up and put her in bed and smooth her hair, and say goodnight, she’s happy.

HiPP Organic’s new baby care range

Flinders has more than a touch of baby acne. About 40% of babies get it, apparently. Tibby did too. But it means he’s on a water only bath time for now.

HiPP Organic have sent us this cool new range of baby care bath time good to try, so Tibbs and I have been testers. We’ve got Goodnight Baby Bath, Foaming Hand Wash, Head to Toe Baby Wash, and Baby Shampoo. It’s 100% free from anything young skin could be sensitive to. It has a no tears formula, and it’s designed to minimise allergy risk.

Tibby has sensitive skin, it gets dry very quickly and it’s working beautifully for her. The shampoo is really good for us, because she’s, utterly adorably, taken to washing her own hair. Her curls are pretty unruly, and it takes a fair bit of rinsing to keep the suds away.


Worrying about germs and a new baby

Another thing I’ve been surprised at about second time around parenthood has been my fear of germs. I’m militant on the anti-bac when me and Tibby are playing with Flinders. If you’re in Bristol you’ll know there’s a huge load of bugs going around, not just D&V but bronchiolitis and croup too. I fear them all, I’m such a worrier that I won’t cope well with two sick kids.

So I’m all about the hand washing. She’s so good at washing her hands and the sweet duck-billed hand wash from HiPP Organic has really fired up her playful attitude to mundane things. She speaks to it. She likes pumping some out for me. It’s fun.

Introducing bath time for two

We’re going to keep going with bath time for two. I crave the routine, I like the family time aspect of it. I like singing to them both, snuggling them down in their respective fresh sleep clothes, and listening to my husband read the stories as I feed Flinders.

I hope you guys are all keeping bath time peaceful too, or trying to! If you’d like to try HiPP Organic’s baby care range, it’s exclusive to Tesco.

A collaborative post with HiPP Organic, but all opinions are our own.


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  1. I had no idea they made bath stuff too! We always use organic bath products so these sound good. PS cute baby alert!

  2. oooh I haven’t seen this range – looks good. LOVE baby bath time.. though Beastie is bigger now and he just likes to pour water all over me!

  3. Flinders is just GORGEOUS. Those chubby cheeks – I could eat them.

    Bathtime for two gets better… E and H love to share a bath now (and they entertain each other which works for me!). Just watch out for the major splashes :/

  4. Genuinely had no idea they made bath products! Will have to check these out! X

  5. Oh wow, i didn’t know they did their own range. How amazing! We had a similar problem when Mia was born. We tried to put her in with Elle and Mia hated the water and hate bathtime so we had to separate them. After a few months, we tried again and because Mia was more aware and had a good bond with her sister and trusted her, it worked so much better and now they are 8 and 5 and bath together nicely still 🙂

  6. Shame my little one’s not so little anymore! Sounds like a great product range x

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