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37 weeks pregnant | the maternity shoot


When I was asked if I wanted to take part in a maternity photo shoot, my instinct was to say no. I don’t like photographs of myself. I like my pregnant self even less.

Keeping yourself in the picture, as a mum

There’s one person that does love looking at pictures of me – Tibbs! She loves looking at pictures of us together, and, I hardly have any, other than the odd selfie.

As regular readers will know, I am worried about how my relationship with my daughter will change when the new baby arrives. I also thought it might help me ‘bond with the bump’ a bit.

So, when Fiona from Photography By Fiona got in touch, I surprised myself, and said, yes!

The maternity shoot

Tibbs and I arrived with two changes of clothes, in plain colours. Fiona and her sister Natalie, who is also her assistant, were really good at directing. I am so awkward in situations like this, and they made me feel really at ease. The shoot lasts about an hour, which went really fast.

I had made a ‘no billowing chiffon’ request in our email correspondence, but, Fiona is pretty persuasive! So, I’m there in billowing chiffon with my bump out, with Tibbs swishing my ‘train’ and telling me I look like Elsa, which was a massive parental confidence boost!

The great thing about doing a photo shoot with your child is that they make you laugh and smile naturally, in fact, they the best prop ever. The thing I love about the pictures is that I look happy, because I am happy.

How I feel about the pictures

I’m really thrilled with the pictures. I showed them to some close friends and family and they were all very complimentary, so I wanted to share them with you guys too.

The two I love the most are the ones I should dislike, given my fear of getting myself on show. The below is my overall favourite. All I see is her excitement and my smile. And her lovely curly hair.

Photography by Fiona

I also really like this silhouette one. Even I can see the strength and beauty in what late pregnancy gives you sometimes.

Photography by Fiona

The billowing chiffon shots took a bit of getting used to, but I love the colours (as does my mum – so big bonus points, and even my dad asked for a copy of this one!)

Photography by Fiona

I think the one below gives you a great idea of what a pregnancy must look like to a preschooler, and how they just accept your changing shape as we accept the changing of the seasons.

Photography by Fiona

Lastly, I debated putting this in because it’s so, so not the sort of photograph I ever thought I’d see of myself, but here’s some billowing chiffon for you. I felt a bit out of place during this particular shot, but Tibbs LOVES it. I want her to know that she made me feel as invincible as Elsa, and always will.


And if you can’t be confident for yourself, doing it for your daughters is good, right?

Fiona’s attitude to documenting family life is traditional and focused on making you and your children happy and natural. Her newborn photography is highly adorable! We left feeling really excited to see the photos. You can check out their Facebook here for some ideas if you are planning to book a shoot.

Reader offer on bump and newborn shoots

As a special offer to Bristol Parent readers, Fiona and Nathalie would like to offer any families the opportunity to celebrate your pregnancy. You can choose a mini maternity session for just £49, including 5 high resolution images, or receive a complimentary bump session when you book your newborn session. Quote code ‘CelebrateBump‘ when booking. It’d be a really lovely present for somebody like me, who just needs that little extra push to celebrate their relationships.

Thank you so much to Fiona and Natalie for making me and my daughter feel so special. We received our maternity shoot in return for writing about our experiences. Some of these photos are also scheduled to appear in the next issue of Mother and Baby magazine as part of an article about mindfulness and bonding, so watch that space!


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  1. Love every single thing about this post and these photos. Honestly, I’m welling up! Beautiful and happy and gorgeous xxx

    • You soppy so and so! But thank you, that’s such a cool thing to know 🙂

  2. Ah Eleanor these are amazing! I had some maternity photos taken when I was pregnant with F and I love having them to look back on. It’s so easy to forget what you look and feel like once you’re no longer pregnant. And Tibbs is the cutest in these – the top one is my favourite! x

    • I am thinking we’ll both enjoy looking back on these together, and with the new baby too! Thanks Molly!

  3. You look GORGEOUS, Eleanor! I do love the billowing chiffon one as well, and I’m REALLY not a billowing chiffon person either. You’re glowing xx

    • Thanks Alice, who knew billowing chiffon would have that effect 😉

  4. These are so so amazing and you look brilliant! You’ve convinced me that these are a fab idea to capture the feelings during pregnancy and captuing the magic of it x

    • Oh really? That’s cool! Much as I get fed up sometimes, pregnancy is worth celebrating, as are all women x

  5. Rachel Rachel

    I think you look wonderful in each pic. And I love Carys’ expressions. She’s so excited!

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