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He’s here! | Our son arrived safely

On Thursday, more than a week ago, we walked into RUH Bath as a family of three. On Friday, we walked out as a family of four. Our son’s initials are JJGW. However, he will be known here by the name his big sister has always called him, Flinders.

Flinders was born by elective caesarian section and it was a wonderful, calm, peaceful, positive birth. He came out singing at the top of his voice. His dad (whom he looks just like) cut the cord, and we had skin on skin straight away.


I’ll write a proper birth story up when I properly get my mojo back. My recovery has been a little less straightforward than I’ve hoped. However, Flinders is thriving. Breastfeeding, or, more specifically, how to do it, must’ve remained in the back of my memory because it’s been easier to tackle this time. Actually, I’ve given myself more time to work through every little issue, and not panicked as much. Although, engorgement, that never gets any nicer, does it?

Tibbs is so far, so good, when it comes to big sistering. A bit more attention needed – especially from me. Some enthusiastic helping with nappies, wipes and muslins. Some great encouragement when I’m expressing ‘come on Mummy – you can do it!’.


I think yesterday, all at the same time, we realised that Flinders is here to stay. That, for now, the bubble is ours to enjoy, and the tiredness is ours to endure. So we’re all doing our best.

But, we’re so lucky to have such a second chance at parenthood. I’m going to try not to waste time worrying and tussling with acceptance. It’s happening, and I’m happy about it, despite my hospital grade triple eye bags, as displayed below!


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  1. Huge congratulations again to you all. Gorgeous boy, gorgeous family xxx

    • Thank you Alice, he’s all snuggled up in his Mo, looking sweet!

  2. Katharine Katharine

    Very many congratulations! Welcome to the world Flinders!

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