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win | family ticket to Jump Around from Short Stuff

What are you doing this Saturday morning, 24th September? Maybe you’re thinking, what could we possibly do that’d be remotely fun for us, and the kids, at the same time?

The answer is Short Stuff’s Jump Around party at the Old Market Assembly. And I’ve got a beautiful family ticket to give away.

Why Jump Around?

We’ve been to one of the Jump Around parties before and they are so much fun. I kind of would say that though. My sister is one third of Our Kids Social, the wonderful Mancunian knees up with your nippers which, like Jump Around, is changing the way we look at family fun together.

No longer is it you, sat on the sidelines, enduring terrible kid’s music and warm squash. These sorts of entertainment groups are putting on events which are, genuinely, family fun. Laughing with your kids, making things with them, joining in rather than gormlessly watching and trying to resist the urge to get your phone out.

What’s happening at Jump Around then?

Well, there’s a distinctly aquatic theme, which sounds ideal for a pretty dreary looking morning. Jump Around is aimed at families with kids from 0-5, but older siblings are of course welcome.

There is:

Business Fish Disco: (2 businessmen, 2 DJs, 2 fish. NO DUDS) • Banging tunes • Fishy art workshop (from those talented turbot, Let’s Make Art) • Phenomenal face painting • Badge making • Baby calm corner • Bubbles • Bloody Marys • Cake • Best dressed prizes • and much more!

No doubt, whatever else I wrote there, you just saw Bloody Marys, right?

Where is Jump Around then?

Well this is where it gets double awesome – it’s at the Old Market Assembly on West Street, which, if you haven’t been, is really cool. It’s super family friendly at the best of times, during the day, has a cool theatre (you should check out their events) and mega food. It’s also, so I hear, very good vibes at night.

To enter and hopefully win a family ticket, leave a comment on this blog post telling everybody what you  usually do on a Saturday morning, and we’ll choose a winner at random by 5pm on Thursday 22nd September.


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  1. Amy Amy

    Saturday morning are usually about the stress of weekly shops, tidying the house and battling with a sleep avoiding toddler. A trip to Jump Arpund would be a welcome break from Saturday morning stresses and the perf ft start to a fun filled weekend!

  2. Saturday morning is our time to brew some coffee and snuggle on the sofa! It’s a slow morning of planning something fun to do later that day 🙂

  3. Natalia Alderson Natalia Alderson

    I usually spend Saturday morning trying to round up my night owl husband and toddler and get them out of the door before midday. Sometimes I just go and get the food shopping to give myselfa break 😉 Altogether this sounds likae way more fun! x

  4. Claire Claire

    I usually spend Saturday mornings sat in a playground and fantasising about how I used to spend my Saturday nights out dancing… Which is why the thought of a daytime disco has got me as enthused as a sleep-deprived person can be! A Bloody Mary for me and bubbles for the little one?? Sold.

  5. Ulrike Ulrike

    I usually (naively!) hope for a lie in and the get woken up at 6am by an energetic two year old. She cooks breakfast in her play kitchen and I make pancakes, my husband and I drink insane amounts of coffee and then we leave the house after watching Mr Tumble at 9am. We usually go for a walk, to Windmill Hill City Farm or to the library. We learned the hard way that staying at home for too long is not a good idea!
    Alice loves music and dancing, so this party would be an amazing event for us all to enjoy together!

  6. Callie evans Callie evans

    Saturday Mornings in a house full of 4 children usually consists of:
    “Myles don’t put that in your mouth”
    “Samuel eat your breakfast”
    “Harry let your brother play as well”
    “Gracie stop shouting!”
    It’s a military exercise to get the 4 monsters out of the house, usually to drag them round somewhere they don’t want to go!

  7. Katie Katie

    Usually I’m at work on a Saturday but not this week, woo hoo!! If only there was a fabulous event that’s fun for both a toddler and her tag-alongs…

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