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off to school or back to school? | the best advice

Eagle eyed readers will know that our Tibbo is not of school age. It’ll be our turn next year. No back to school for us this week.

Making sense through the sentiment

I used to (read, pre-children) get really sick of the pictures of kids in school uniform. However, now, I get it. I know it’s a hard time. The tearful social media updates and poems all over the place, from even the usually quite matter of fact mums, are a big clue.

I thought a little round-up of some of the best, most helpful writing I’ve seen in the past few weeks might be useful to some of us. More practicality, less overt sentimentality.

The general theme is that it’s the parents that aren’t ready, not the kids. Funny, we tell ourselves we’re not ready to have children, and then, when they go, we tell them we’re not ready to not have them.

Posts for first timers

If you’re sending them off to school for those early weeks, even if you think you’re already over the initial shock of that first morning, here are some posts for you:

Bristol’s own Tigerlilly Quinn‘s little boy is off for the first time to big school. Wilf’s all grown up now!

Gill from A Baby on Board wrote this at the beginning of the Summer expressing her worries on what was to come, and this on her sadness at letting her daughter go. Spoiler – her first day went awesome!

Posts from old timers

If you need some tips on getting organised, staying happy and keeping a stress-free school run, these are for you:

Loads of cool TalkMum writers giving their tricks for surviving the school run.

Prima magazine had this to say about what to do with yourselves during those first few weeks of school.

Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog wrote about things she learned from a week as a school mum.

Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 on knowing you are the mum of a child in reception.

Post for me-timers

Not for a selfish bunch of parents, more for those who see school as growth and growth as something parents are allowed to do to.

Alice, who is a single parent, writes about how school is helping her change her priorities and include other relationships in her life.

Molly from Mother’s Always Right talks about dealing with separation anxiety, if your children are suffering, and you are too.

A post or two for the school gate debate

Alison’s post on Sharenting is very thought-provoking. When is too much too much?

Or of course there’s Unmumsy Mum’s realisation that school is going to be hard for her as well, given her sharing penchant.

Or, maybe, you’re considering home education? Adele from Beautiful Tribe on what a year of home ed taught her, or Jess from Along Came Cherry on what they’ll be studying this September.


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  1. This is such a great collection of posts for every type of school situation – great advice!! (especially mine 😉

  2. Great round up! It’s really reassuring to know everyone has been or is going through the same experience too xx

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Prima piece – good advice from everyone here.

  4. thanks so much for featuring me! Such good advice here, off to share now actually! x

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