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Your next pizza | Pi Shop Bristol

On Sunday, in denial that we were on our way to Cribbs to buy kids’ shoes (fools!) we meandered around Wapping Wharf. Having smugly snagged a space in the vastly diminished car park. I remembered Pi Shop. The clock was edging midday. Things were looking good.

Pi Shop is the new pizzeria from the Sanchez Brothers. It opened in July in the lower quarters of The General, which is the big old hospital on harbourside, behind the Ostrich and facing Southville across the river, for those of you who know the area.


Outside eating and inside style

The place has pretty much the most glamorous entrance ever, which rapidly opens up onto a whitewashed, almost flour-dusted interior, with gorgeous chunky tables. Everywhere you sit guarantees you a peek at the main event – the whopper of a pizza oven. Pizza is such a process, they make it look so easy. And taste SO GOOD!

We sat outside, the solo early diners with the prime view of the harbour basin, giggling at the paddle boarders falling off, and watching the world go by. This part of town has totally blown up – it’s starting to remind me of St Katherine’s Dock in Wapping, or Castlefield in Manchester, both excellent uses of previously dingy docksides.

Simple, and hugely delectable dining

Pi Shop’s menu is triumphantly simple. It’s so good to see a limited choice of foods. In my mind, that means you’re going to get perfection rather than mediocrity 120 ways. The green olives we had with our pre-pizza drinks were fat and glistening. I had a Virgin Mary, which, had it had the good stuff in, would’ve been up there with the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. No fuss, just flavour.

IMG_0188 IMG_0186

We had a hawaiian and a carbonara, and a children’s margarita with ham. All sourdough-based, piping hot and the perfect size. Chewy, aromatic dough, the perfect amount of cheese. The ham on both pizzas was different, one salty and crisp, one deep and satisfying. The pineapple chunks were almost unable to hold their own juice in. The lack of a tomato base on the carbonara was perfection – it was all eggy, cheesy zing.

Why you should go

You should go because the food is delicious. You should go without kids because the booze looks immense. You should go with kids because the bill was reasonable and the kids’ meal is great value at £5.

As our pizza arrived, Pi Shop began to fill up, mostly with excited families eager to get stuck into the pizza. The staff didn’t bat an eyelid as the air was filled with child noise and not Sunday, brunch-like babble.

I imagine that at night, Pi Shop would be a different ballgame. The bar menu had ‘one cocktail too many’ written all over it. The craft beer selection was spot on. I wanted to stay, to not be pregnant, to have another tummy so I could have more of everything.

Great lunchtime. Pi Shop is going to be just fine. Go before you get distracted by something else!

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