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together, whatever the weather | Muddy Puddles giveaway

Moving more rurally has suited us. We thought the move would be the biggest thing that happened to us this year. Little did we know. We still adore our old Bristol walks. However, our new family adventures have taken us here, there and everywhere so far this year.

Finding new walks

I’ve written recently about Greyfield woods, and East Harptree and Smitham, both gorgeous. This picture was taken at Litton Lakes, more about that in a few weeks. But there’s something so liberating, even when heavily pregnant, about pulling on your boots, slinging on your rucksack full of snacks and wipes and spare things, and taking an OS Map or a few directions, and just going for it!

I must admit, at 31 weeks pregnant, walking is getting to be an adventure in itself, but I need to keep moving, so we’re doing lots of shady routes, and places with sitting spots. We also tend to divide and conquer, meaning, one takes the dog, one takes the daughter, and do a park with a playground. Our golden favourite will always be Victoria Park for this, either in Bristol or Bath!

Finding new fun

Our new firm favourite activity is county shows. This year we’ve been to the North Somerset, The Royal Bath and West, and the Mid Somerset. They just have something for all of us. We each get a special treat. David will shoot some clays, and sample as much cider as possible. I’ll buy some unnecessary product or candle, Tibbs will get at least one ice cream, and Mack will get a new lead, or perhaps a dog chew.


We’ll sit and watch sheep shows, tractor pulling, show jumping, pony club games. We’ll go to talks about gun dogs. We’ll wonder, foolishly, if we need new waxed jackets and huge garden furniture or maybe a shepherd’s hut for the garden.

The right clothes for the weather

We exchanged wellies, romantically, on Christmas Day, and both of us have the sort of jacket that we stay toasty and dry in, whatever the weather. Tibbs was recently sent some great new outdoor clothing by Muddy Puddles. Have you seen their stuff? It’s unmissable – colourful, sturdy, great attention to detail.

The Bristol Parent

Tibbs has these wonderfully bright blue Puddlestomper wellies with lightening flashes, similar to these. I’m a particularly big fan because they have small heels, which, if you’re learning to ride as we are, is essential. It’s been great for her general balance in mud and on uneven ground, too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.59.33

I’ve got a set of Puddlestomper Wellies, and one of these Puddle Pac-a-Macs to giveaway today. They are a perfect back to school combination. The Pac-a-Mac folds up so small, and the wellies are mega durable. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me your favourite walk locally. Let’s share the love, we all need new places to try!

The competition closes on Friday September 2nd.


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  1. kim neville kim neville

    Our favourite is at Rickmansworth Aquadrome walking round the lake, watching the water sports and feeding the ducks

  2. Laura Larder Laura Larder

    We all love snuff mills. It’s a lovely walk, scooter/bike friendly and there is an amazing park at the Oldbury Court end. Can’t go wrong!

  3. Amy Hurst Amy Hurst

    Out favourite walk is around the trails in Leigh Woods. So much to explore, but the dens are a real favourite. Perfect for balance bike practice too!

  4. Cara Cara

    I absolutely LOVE to walk at Leigh Woods. Our three year old took some of his very first steps there and still loves to explore the dens and try to climb trees. Our 8 month old has been on a few adventures there too, so far in the sling but I can’t wait for him to be puddle stomping in the woods too.

  5. Emma Alvis Emma Alvis

    We love Wills Bridge in Warmly/Longwell Green. Lots of places to climb and explore.

  6. Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor

    Not within Bristol but love going to my Mums and a walk around Shearwater, near Warminster. Lots of woods to explore, bike friendly road round the lake. Nice to see the boats on the lane and generally frienly fishermen happy to show a toddler the fish they’ve caught.

  7. Sara Penellum Sara Penellum

    We really love Golden Valley Nature Reserve, in Wick. Especially when the leaves are turning golden brown and crunchy! ?

  8. Lucy Ware Lucy Ware

    We love the classic walk through Snuff Mills, trough the woods and along the river, ending up at the playground to fully exhaust the children! Daddy is not always happy about being sent for the car to collect us!

  9. Jo Jo

    We like Portishead nature reserve (portbury warf) we like spotting tadpoles in spring and the bird hides are great.

  10. Natalie Natalie

    We love Portbury woods especially when the bluebells are out. It’s very peaceful there with great views over Gordano valley

  11. Emma Emma

    East ills park to Snuff Mills! Start by feeding the ducks, go on a lovely walk along the river and end at an amazing pirate playground aaarrghhhhh me hearty!

  12. Melanie Melanie

    We are lucky enough to live next to vassals park so always feed the horse in the field and then have a stomp along the river at snuff mills and a coffee on the way back in vassals.

  13. Sarah Trevor Sarah Trevor

    You can’t beat a stroll around Ashton Court. Our toddler loves taking her scooter there and it’s great for picnics and bike rides too!

  14. Ellen Giles Ellen Giles

    We love Leigh woods, great flat walk with lots for the children to explore, and we love the view of Clifton suspension bridge, especially my eldest who has recently done a project on Brunel. ?

  15. Claire Mellor Claire Mellor

    We live in the heart of suburbia, Henleaze in North Bristol. Tucked away amongst the houses is Baldock Woods, a lovely area of woodland with a stream, playing field, and little bridge perfect for pooh sticks. We love the tree and bench carvings dotted around – and there’s even a fallen tree across the stream that looks just like the one the mouse walks over in the Gruffalo!

    • Claire Mellor Claire Mellor

      Eta that’s supposed to be Badock Woods! Blooming Autocorrect!

  16. Angela Angela

    My favourite place and very local to us (just over the road!!) is Wapley Bushes in Yate. Great for exploring, bug hunting, den finding, den making and what the kids love the most is getting extremely muddy in the winter! Wellies are essential 🙂

  17. Sharon Sharon

    We love splashing in puddles and going to Forest School at Leigh Woods!

  18. Liz Liz

    Paradise Bottom is a section of Leigh Woods favoured by me and my family. A high walk to the grotto with views across the river or streams to splash in amongst the bluebells and wild garlic below. And always a special visit to the 150 year old Giant Redwood for 2 metre wide tree hugging or lying down looking up into the branches. And whose kids don’t love a place with a ‘bottom’ in the title!

  19. My favourite walk is definately Blaise Castle, you have the big field there for picnics and letting the kids run wild, then you have those footpaths through the forest past all those delightful little cottages, it goes on for miles, you can spend hours there and you can walk up to the ruins of the castle and even go into the museum house. A lovely day out.

  20. Estelle Estelle

    Park your car in snuff mills and have a walk along the river. Lovely clean park if you use a pram but prefer for dude puddles too.
    Toilet and cafe near the car park or walk along the river then up the hill to join old bury court with the big play area and another set of loos and lovely cafe.

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