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Win a month’s ice-cream supply & trip to the races| bring back Summer!

Yes, yes, today it might be a BIT rainy, but Summer’s on it’s way back, I promise. To celebrate, I’ve got a really cool giveaway.

How do you fancy winning a whole month’s free ice-cream from Marshfield Farm, and a trip to Bath Racecourse on a family ticket to the races?

You can win:

One whole month’s worth of delicious, fruity, creamy, chocolatey, fudge, squidgy ice cream. In flavours of your choice, collected from the wonderful Marshfield Farm ice-cream parlour just outside Bath.

One family grandstand ticket to Bath Racecourse for the Ice Cream Raceday on Wednesday 31st August.  As well as seven afternoon races, the kids get more tubs of Marshfield ice-cream, circus fun and face painting.

All you have to do is use the widget below to enter. The winner will be chosen on August 24th so you can plan the last week of your holidays.

Check out this ace video for more information about the Ice Cream Race Day. We’re going, I can’t wait. We go to the races as often as we can, and have done since Tibbs was tiny. We go to Wincanton’s Boxing Day meet each year, which is also great family fun.

If you need any more inspiration, check out the some of Marshfield’s flavours. I am currently addicted to their blackcurrant sorbet. It’s absolutely incredible.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 08.21.58

Good luck and see you at the races!

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  1. iain maciver iain maciver

    cold, love ice cream sometimes with some chocolate or sauce

  2. laura stewart laura stewart

    chocolate ice cream in a cone with a flake and chocolate sauce x

  3. Rachel Craig Rachel Craig

    I like ice cream with fruit. Whilst I can also enjoy a cone etc on a day out.

  4. tracey hunt tracey hunt

    with lots of strawberry sauce on top xxx

  5. Ali Fanstone Ali Fanstone

    I like mint choc chip as an after tea treet

  6. Joanne Beale Joanne Beale

    Love a bowl of ice cream with strawberries

  7. Amanda Amanda

    With lots of gooey hot chocolate fudge sauce poured over it – yummy!

  8. Donna Tomlin Donna Tomlin

    Over a hot chocolate brownie

  9. Lisa McGreevy Lisa McGreevy

    I love it with a hot chocolate sauce yum yum or a dollop of clotted cream

  10. HJ HJ

    Plain ice-cream with lots of chocolate or caramel sauce. In a cup not a cone. YES!

  11. EJ Dunn EJ Dunn

    I like it in a tub/bowl rather than a cone. I like sweet flavours.

  12. Charlotte Owen Charlotte Owen

    I love my ice cream with cream and a flake!!

  13. Erin Harkins Erin Harkins

    I like my ice cream frozen, which can be difficult on a hot day with it melting so fast.

  14. Awesome giveaway. I like lots of different flavours all together!!

  15. I love ice-cream in a bowl with Amaretto Poured over it for an adults version 🙂 🙂

    Laura x

  16. Allan Fullarton Allan Fullarton

    Love Strawberry ice cream, with strawberry sauce.

  17. kirsty szekeres kirsty szekeres

    Just straight out of a bowl but sometimes treat myself to a squirt of raspberry sauce 🙂

  18. Rachel white Rachel white

    I like ice cream however it comes!!

  19. carol boffey carol boffey

    With fruit and cream

  20. Mary H Mary H

    I like my ice cream in a HUGE portion, straight down my gob.

  21. Sheri Darby Sheri Darby

    In a traditional cornet, but I insist on sitting down to enjoy it.

  22. donna l jones donna l jones

    strawberry sauce with sprinkles

  23. Steve Smith Steve Smith

    Salted caramel on top yum yum.

  24. Cerys John Cerys John

    Vanilla with hot fudge sauce- yum!

  25. Cerys John Cerys John

    I followed you by the way on Instagram 🙂 Thanks so much for the great opportunity 🙂

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