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Twinkle – a circus show for little people | review

You would honestly never guess what’s behind the colourful gates of Yard Arts in St Agnes. It’s a whole community of lovely caravans, little gardens and places to sit and relax, and a huge dome tent.

Today, we went to see Twinkle – the circus show for little people there and it was fantastic.


Small-scale circus for dreamers

Yard Arts and the Lavrak performers have created Twinkle for children who love to dream. The wonderful, TARDIS-style dome tent was laid out with soft and comfortable pillows and seating in a gentle crescent. When we all went in, two glimmering performers were already nestled in their aerial homes, like soft stars.

The kids were all spellbound by the narrator who told the story of how dreams are made and engaged the audience with tales of mermaids, dream-dust and wishes. When the aerial performances began, you were right up close, could see every movement. Graceful ladies – and so strong (I love a good female role model and circus performers have such elegance).

A hula-hooping mermaid with an excellent costume and spellbinding act joins the dream sequence, and the band, which is two main musicians making the delicate noise of twice that many in terms of instruments, provides the backdrop to the story.


Interactive and imaginative

Boys and girls came in their pyjamas as instructed and it really did feel as if we were all part of the same dream experience. I loved watching the kids’ faces, they were so enthralled. The performance was interactive and the (mainly under 7yrs old) crowd got really into suggesting their wishes and dreams.

We loved being able to meet the performers at the end, test the instruments, splash about in the glitter, and eat our picnic lunches in the tent or in the gardens outside.

Proper creative, artistic, one-off experience for little kids. Loved it. It’s on all weekend (12-14 August), check out the ticket link and buy in advance to make a saving.

We were given complimentary tickets to Twinkle today, so that I could write a review. 
Thanks to Rachel Sandeman for the photos.
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