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plus size maternity clothes | where I’m shopping

This pregnancy, I am two sizes bigger on top than I was pre-Tibbs, and one size bigger on the bottom. This means I’m very definitely wearing plus size maternity clothes this time round.

So, where am I shopping? Predictably, it’s mostly from my kitchen. I don’t find trying on maternity clothes, especially with another child in tow, very fun.

So far, I’ve been hanging around Lyst quite a lot. At first glance, Lyst looks like it just sells designer clothes, but if you search plus size, you’ll find some great buys, from some brands that do plus size really well, like Forever 21. I really liked this Sandra Darren printed shift dress for work, in the early months.

Plus size maternity clothes

Lyst also stocks a really nice maternity brand called Loft which does XL sizes. I love this embroidered yoke tassel tee, for example, especially now it’s getting hot!

Plus size maternity clothes

I’ve also been shopping on ASOS a lot. Maternity jeans have become the bane of my life. I’m three pairs in and none of them are right! One size 20 over the bump pair don’t come up my thighs (in girlfriend cut as well!), one size 20 loose boyfriend cut under the bump pair look great, but need pulling up every 30 seconds. Another size 18 is like clown trousers.

plus size maternity clothes

The thing I’ve been wearing to death is this striped Tshirt dress, although I have it in grey. It’s so, so comfortable and with leggings or skinny jeans, makes me feel actually good about myself!

plus size maternity clothes

On the subject of leggings, H&M’s maternity ones seem to have taken a little bit of a quality dive since I last struggled into them, but New Look’s are still awesome. I’ve got no advice on bras so far, pregnancy basically makes me hate all bras. And don’t even get me started on knickers and getting stuck under your bump.

Where do you get your maternity clothes?

Thanks to Lyst for collaborating with me on this post.

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