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friday in Bristol | brunch and theatre

If you’ve got kids you’ll know it’s sometimes better to plan ahead, isn’t it? Especially in the holidays, when they need something to look forward to.

This Friday, with cousins visiting, and, let’s say, excitement running high, I planned a day out in Bristol.

Mrs Summer comes to stay

My sister, childcare pro and general beautiful legend, came up with an amazing idea. Mrs Summer. Mrs Summer is Father Christmas’ slightly less pricey and more outdoorsy mate. She bought a big wicker hamper of fun stuff for cousins to do (two of everything, obvs) over the course of the weekend. Masks, matching pyjamas (check their little faces out!) and some really cool games. Armed with her merch, we went into town. Our back pocket tool of choice for bribery this Friday – Kinder Eggs.

A note on weekday parking

A lot is said (including by me!) about how dire parking in the city can be. But, sometimes, the most obvious places are the easiest. We parked on Great George Street near Brandon Hill park, for a couple of hours. I’m a mad Ringo fan – with kids, it’s so much easier just to ring up and pay than scrat about trying to carry change and kids to the machine. Coaxing the girls up Park Street was funny – there was a lot of  Kinder Egg chat, and then we got to Boston Tea Party.

Boston Tea Party lunch

We were invited to try the new kids’ menu at Boston Tea Party, where, shockingly, I have never eaten before. We sat in the garden for a bit, and moved inside for ‘containment’ purposes. The terraced garden is so lovely, really private. We loved the airy, space-filled upstairs at BTP Park Street. We massively appreciated the brilliant attitude to families and the really friendly staff. Big shout out to our waitress who recommended the Sweetcorn Hash, it was unreal, like, seriously good.

The Bristol Parent

The girls had chocolate milkshakes and sausage baps from the new kids’ menu. The baby had beans on lovely soft toast. There was a lot of sausage – two toddlers probably could have shared one bap, but the chips were great, and unsalted. I love the fact there was a kids’ brunch menu as well as a kids’ lunch menu.

Also, the rest of the customers were totally mellow. Everybody was just well chilled out and enjoying themselves. It seemed like that kind of a Friday.

Margo and Mr Whatsit – theatre time

We headed to the Alma pub for the afternoon performance of Margo and Mr Whatsit.


Paddleboat Theatre were absolutely ace. With a cast of three very funny, talented actors, they turned the small stage and set into a story that enthralled our two (aged 3 and 4). They proper made them belly laugh as well. The story is about a young, looked after for girl who is facing a dilemma over her choice of imaginary friends, and, how to talk about her feelings.

You can catch performances all this weekend at the Alma Pub theatre. The Alma pub, by the way, is also awesome for a lunch with kids, if you’ve never been.

It’s thought provoking. I think if you had 8-9 year olds who understood the term looked after and perhaps had friends or classmates in this situation, it’d be a very helpful performance to take in. I think it’s going to go down a storm on its schools tour. Above all though, it’s bursting with energy, audience interaction and fun. And it introduced my baby to the concept of an imagination and the fun you can have with one. She was first to put her hand up when it came to claiming Mr Whatsit for her own friend, and I was proud.


The girls also got to meet Mr Whatsit afterwards, which was their highlight! Thanks Paddleboat, you legends!

Onwards to today, where we’re dividing into teams and each team gets half a day off. So me and my sis are off to Bath for the morning to shop. What are you up to?

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  1. Mrs Summer and Mr Whatsit!? That’s quite a power couple! Well done love, looks like a great time was had by all xx

  2. The Boston Tea Party! We used to go to the Exeter branch a lot at university. Brings back a lot of memories 🙂

    The theatre trip sounds great – taking my 2 to something similar next week about horrible histories!

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