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An interest in nature | win a personalised name sign from Made by Nell

Did you watch The Durrells on ITV recently? Alongside from the delectable scenery, I just loved the depiction of Gerald as the nature obsessed little boy with not a care in the world for academia or rules. I wish life, and bringing up children, could always be that simple. The above picture is the view from my kitchen window, by the way.

We’ve been getting out a lot in the garden recently, 90% by choice, 10% by necessity. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone with a garden – gardens grow, and ours has gone absolutely loopy. Our grass is growing four inches a week. Plants I’ve never heard of appear from every crevice. I went up to the wood to pick some flowers and found nettles taller than Tibbs, everywhere. Basically, I’ve now got to become some kind of botanical maniac.

Tibbs loves the garden. We talk about what we’re doing out there all the time (I attempt knowledgeable sounding chat, she listens sagely). Our triumphs of the week include:

  • I think I have managed to get her to understand that worms do like conversation and being re-homed, but prefer to arrive in the new home in one continuous piece
  • That slug antennae are their eyes, and noses, and hands, all in one
  • That watering plants is about watering their roots, not the tips of their flowers, with the hosepipe
  • That you most definitely can’t eat Calla Lilly stamens because they are not crisps

My favourite discovery of the week is the fact we have a Wisteria, which was just not getting enough water so hadn’t flowered yet, and that underneath it is a carpet of Lily of the Valley. If you like the smell, you wouldn’t believe how gloriously fragrant the flowers are.

To celebrate all things floral, I’m giving away a personalised name print of up to ten letters, worth over £50.00 from Made by Nell. Made by Nell is a brilliant Bristol connected company of artists and makers who create lovely decorated letter signs and cards. They are so delicate and pretty.

You can choose from their ever-popular animal/flower alphabets or pick one of the newer ranges which include robots and fruit & veg. We chose our surname in bright,intricate florals, and I am so pleased, because some of the flowers that appear also appear in our garden.

To enter, please use the widget below. The competition closes on June 1st.

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  1. Natalia Alderson Natalia Alderson

    we moved into our house in August so I am just discovering all the summer flowering plants that are starting to pop up – we have a couple of fairly substantial Dahlias I’m looking forward to meeting! your garden is looking lovely – quite envious of the size and view!! 🙂

    • You are definitely allowed two! I love Dahlias as well, the brighter the better.

  2. Katherine King Katherine King

    The best thing to appear in our garden was a massive frog- we have no idea where it’s pond is but it happily hopped around our garden for most of a week. If im allowed two then I would say the re growth of the snakes head fritillary I was certain I’d killed off last year. It’s appearance made me very happy!

    • I’d love to see a frog! Our neighbours have loads of frogspawn and offered us some, but we don’t have a pond or even a puddle!

  3. Amanda Amanda

    Wildlife. I have moved next door to a farm and a while ago we spotted a fox in the garden! wow!

  4. Every spring I see a robin, I don’t know if it is the same one or not, but one always comes.

    • I’m exactly the same, I always have a feeling it’s the same one!

  5. clair downham clair downham

    an owl on the roof one night

  6. Hannah Scudder Hannah Scudder

    I don’t actually have a garden(live in a flat) however when i was younger i loved spotting all the tadpoles in the pond my dad built in our garden.

  7. Rachael Mccadden Rachael Mccadden

    a owl that i see every night

  8. Pam Smith Pam Smith

    We have a Robin’s nest

  9. kirsty szekeres kirsty szekeres

    A frog even though we don’t have a pond, we do have a trough full of water alongside the garage though and he seems to enjoy it in there

  10. harriet harriet

    a doormouse

  11. Bobbie Minthull Bobbie Minthull

    The first strawberry flowers

    • oh, I have leaves but no flowers yet, you lucky thing!

  12. Rachel Butterworth Rachel Butterworth

    My dog, Tia!

  13. Fleur Fleur

    Lilly of the valley brought over from my grandmothers house didn’t think it had survived

    • I have some Lilly of the Vally too – it’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

  14. Michelle Harrison Michelle Harrison

    We discovered we have little blue tits nesting in our bird box and my three year old daughter loves standing close and listening to them when they get fed. ? Would love to catch them leaving.

    • That’s so nice, we have a swallows nest in one of our stables (we think) but we haven’t dared look properly yet in case we disturb them

  15. christine WESTLAKE christine WESTLAKE


  16. Pam Francis Gregory Pam Francis Gregory

    The mature Wisteria in the garden when we moved in is lovely

  17. jo liddement jo liddement

    I am lucky enough to have woodland at the back of our garden and we have badgers,pheasants, deer and a regular tawny owl that come into the garden.We keep the top part of the garden wild for plants and wildlife too.

  18. Avs Avs

    All the wildlife – badger, fox, roebuck deer, dormouse, rabbits, pheasants, squirrels, blackbirds, crows, magpies, jays, tits, robins, wrens, sparrows, – they come to bath, feed and play – magic

  19. kim neville kim neville

    A hedgehog came in our garden which was cute

  20. Susan Smith Susan Smith

    Two hedgehogs, we fed them last year and they have come back, so pleased

    • I have never seen one, I would love to!

  21. donna l Jones donna l Jones

    a family of wrens

  22. Rebecca Powell Rebecca Powell

    We get loads of ladybirds in our garden


    I don’t have a garden, but my friend emails pictures of hedgehogs going into a home she has for them, she says its costing a fortune in food for them

  24. Emma Newton Emma Newton

    a beautiful spread of Bluebells that have started to appear this year 🙂

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