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villa holidays | group getaways from Bristol

I think you’re either a group holidays person, or you’re not, when you become a parent. Previous to getting married and having Tibbs, I was very much a group holiday person. Two trips that stand out are a Sun newspaper £9.00 trip to the worst caravan park in Clacton for three days of the best fun ever, and a villa holiday to Lanzarote in December before I moved to New York City, which saw three of us live in palatial luxury for about three quid.

Since becoming a mum, I hanker after a group trip. I love the closeness of communal living, food preparation, and the way it gives you time to have conversations and share good times with people you just don’t get to spend time with anymore. I’ve never done a villa holiday with children, I imagine there’s all sorts of politics – so and so needs the biggest room because they’ve got the most kids, so and so’s baby will only sleep in silent darkness so they need a cave annexe, so and so will only go if the pool is heated and gated.

However, in reality, we have a decent list in our heads of the friends we think a week’s holiday would be amazing with, I think. And then there’s family, of course, because big properties are a great way to get everybody together, and possibly, if you’re lucky, share the childcare love. The shared cost thing is the biggest pro – if you look at some of my picks below, between three or four families, the price vs quality accommodation equation becomes a no-brainer.

I’ve been having a sneaky look at one of my favourite villa group holidays source, Clickstay, to see where’d be good to group holiday if you’re flying from Bristol airport. We’re so lucky to have such a close airport – it cuts so much cash off your trip and we’ve found some absolutely bargain flights recently (£180 all in for 3 flights to Faro in April, woohoo!). Anyway, I digress…back to villas.

I’d pack my bags tomorrow and go to this private villa in Corfu sleeping 16. Panoramic sea views, an incredible kitchen and that terrace for drinking and playing cards on, later, yes!

Say three families of four are holidaying together, this private villa in Menorca is amazing – 5 bed, easy from the airport, private pool and boat hire from the owner.

I’ve always wanted to go to Ibiza and I reckon a group holiday would be amazing there. I love the whitewashed walls, the beautiful cool-looking kitchen, and the pool! This private villa in San Vicente sleeps 10, over 5 bedrooms.

Are you planning any group holidays this summer? Are you going to a villa? What’s your top tip for people considering the same?

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  1. We always say we’d love to try a group holiday but haven’t ever done it. We’ve been away a few times with family but none of them have kids yet so it would be nice to try going with other families so the kids can play. These options looks amazing!

  2. Group holidays are one of my favourite things – especially now we have a child and it means she has friends to play with! Will check these guys out – they look good.

  3. The Corfu villa looks amazing. I went on a wild group holiday there when I was 18, I’ll spare you the details! I hope you have a fab weekend. x

  4. I have always wanted to do a group holiday – we do weekends away locally with groups of friends and kids but a proper holiday would be amazing. Off to check flights from Belfast to Corfu! x

  5. Jo Jo

    I do like group holidays but I never really want to do that many touristy things so often get left behind on hiking days out and things.

  6. Claire Pope Claire Pope

    We did a group holiday last year. It was great apart from the fact we were camping, in Wales and experienced non-stop biblical rain from the second day onwards. My ideas of kids playing together while we sat around turned into trudging through mud and only seeing our friends as we tried different strategies for drying out clothes whist washing up….it was not a great success. I do much prefer your idea of group holidays, they look nice and sunny. Can I come???

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