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preschool milestones | according to preschoolers

Us parents collect milestones like Pokemon cards, pocketing each memory gratefully. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what Tibbs would see as her preschool milestones. Predictably, I don’t think there’d be many similarities with those of her mushy mother. Here’s a list of what I think she might be thinking….

  1. The day her feet were big enough to fit into the Clarks shoes with the FLASHING lights.
  2. The day they let her use the ‘safe’ scissors at preschool
  3. The realisation that she had become tall, and strong enough to turn the taps on at the sink
  4. The moment she worked out how to plank in the pushchair, to avoid the inevitable strap-in
  5. That time I let her eat a pasty in the street. A pasty I’d specifically bought to cheer up her dad
  6. The discovery that hot chocolate is hot chocolate and preferable to all other liquid sustenance
  7. The uncovering of exclusive ownership of the ultimate parental attention trigger, “I need a pooh”
  8. And on that subject, the first time she heard the genius and ever hilarious-phrase ‘Pooh pooh bum bum’ was the best day ever
  9. The revelation that you can blame most spillages, binge-eating incidents, and missing objects on the ever hapless dog
  10. The bedtime she first noted that her father is incapable of resisting the phrase ‘another book’ and will read and read and read, and therefore one is guaranteed maximum snuggles and happiness pre-bedtime

Do you have any you’d add to the list?


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  1. Oh I love this. Such a sweet post. You’ve just reminded me the “need a poo” trigger is about to be discovered a second time here…

  2. Lauren scharaga Lauren scharaga

    I would love a process trunki for my princess xx

  3. Aww fab, loved this! And that photo is just cracking xx

  4. OMG she has the best little grin, love her! I love these little observations, it’s the little things that are so special aren’t they! x

  5. Oh I love this! Totally made me smile – especially discovering Hot Chocolate and eating her Dad’s pasty 🙂

    Laura x

  6. Ah what a gorgeous list! I’m pretty sure my little one is loving the fact that she can communicate with Dolphins right now with her new screech! x

  7. I love this. Our milestones often tend to be sibling-related – like the day my daughter guessed what treat I’d bought for her and her big brother, before he had a chance to think!

  8. Oh adorable! I expect the day she realised that Mummy never misses her iphone for at least half an hour would have been on my girl’s list 🙂

  9. AH I love this. Mine would probably add ‘the day I was allowed to stay up late’ and ‘the day I got to sit in the front’! Things they’re always arguing about and begging for!! haha xx

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